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Introducing another dog

by Noel Scofield

I have a 3 year old Jack Russell female, Bella. She is a rescue dog and I am sure that she was given up for adoption because she tends to run away a lot. We have plenty of room for her to run around now and that problem seems to have gone away but we are thinking about getting another dog.
I was wondering how Jack Russell's generally do when introduced to a new dog in the home and especially how they do with puppies?

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Feb 25, 2011
You own the dog and your home. He doesnt own you and lives IN your home
by: Jen

Ive had quite a bit of experience with dogs of all kinds and now that I can OWN and CONTROL a JRT I can say I can control any dog! haha. At any opinion here is that you own your JRT! He DOES NOT own you or other dogs or people in YOUR HOME. If he has issues sharing you it is because he feels he is the leader in the home and its his god given right to set up the heirarchy of the pack by his rules. My jack lives very comfortably with 7 kids, 2 adults, 2 ferrets, and a bunny rabbit. He knows I am the leader of the house and therefore its up to ME to decide his place in our pack. Before you bring in another pet you should be sure your JRT respects you as HIS OWNER. Do not allow him to stand on you, put his paws on you or jump on you unless you invite him to do so. Otherwise he is claiming you which means hes leader and you are not. There is nothing wrong with treating a JRT or any other breed like the dog they are as they are not people. Believe me when I say they will be much happier, loyal, and will trust you all the more.

Feb 01, 2011
we just added another
by: scotty p

we have a 3 year old female and decided to go see a breeder and get another jack russell. we decided on a female that we fell in love with (she actually chose us)
we have read all about the problems that can occur with mixing 2 females, but after 6 months, we've had some really good luck. Our older one is very much not into confrontation. the new pup doesn't make any moves that are too aggressive. They play very well together.
On the rare occasion, the little one will get a bit too nippy and she'll get put in her place.
This is an ongoing learning experience, but so far it's going well.
We got lucky that the 2 personalities mix well together

Jan 10, 2011
other dogs with a jack russell
by: Anonymous

My elderly (but fit as a fiddle) JRT, Ralph, does not want to share me with ANY OTHER DOG!! Jacks are notoriously one person dogs and expect to be just yours alone, I think. Ralph adores people and wants to be with me all the time, but shows little or no interest in other dogs. In fact he can be quite aggressive with small dogs, especially if they are held in someone's arms. This applies to babies too, which is why he stayed living with me when my daughter, who we got him for, got married and had children. I am sure this does not apply to all Jacks but your little rescue dog may appreciate being your "one and only" to feel secure, rather than have to fight for your attention. On the other hand, they love companionship and if you are at work all day she may like having another dog around. Mine never did and is happy to either sit in the front window watching the world go by while I am out or if possible (if it is cool or under cover) comes with me in the car and waits patiently for as long as it takes.

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