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Introduction of a small child to two 10 year old Jacks?

by Christina
(New Jersey)

My nephew is seven months old and I will like introduce the two Jack Russell's to him. They have not had that much interaction with children in the past. The first introduction to the dogs was when he was first born and the dogs barked and cried and tried to jump up on him. We tried bringing articles of his clothing that they could smell, but they really did not take too much interest to the clothes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Aug 02, 2012
Introducing Jacks to small children
by: Ronnie

Because you have 2 Jacks, I would try introducing them one at a time. First make sure that your jacks are well-trained I know how to follow basic commands. I would make sure that when you bring one in to meet your nephew that your jack is calm. I would have him follow the sit command and have high-value treats with you. I would keep your nephew close by and make sure your jack is in the sitting position. Allow some time for your Jack to get your nephew's smell. Only if you're Jack is calm you can bring your nephew over to gently pet him. Keep the meeting very short. Then bring in your other Jack and do the same thing. Do this consistently over a few weeks before you increase the time.

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