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We have the opportunity to adopt 2 x jack russel brother (2 years old). They have lived with other dogs happily before but never a cat. We have a Saluki Cross, who's 8 years old and very soft and calm and a 10 year old cat.

We have had russels before, but from puppy's and they always got on with other dogs and our cats.

Any suggestions on the best way to go about making this work out well especially for our current dog and cat who don't deserve to be terrorized..

Thank you

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Oct 25, 2013
Jack Russells and cats
by: Greg

Well good on you for taking in these little ones. I would take the introductions very very slowly and always supervised for just a little bit at a time. Because the Jacks are much younger make sure they get a ton of exercise to completely wear them out so they are not tempted to do evil to the cat (or your house). Most Jacks and cats do get along peacefully but I would be very cautious in the first few months not to leave them alone because Jacks do have bad raps when it comes to cats.

Good luck with the introductions!

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