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is Jack Russell training adaptable to other dogs

by Janis

I have a Jug...JR and Pug. Zoe looks more like a pug but is 4 months old and I still am uncertain as to whether she has more jack russell or pug in her.

I purchased this eBook because my cousin has a Jack Russell and I do love her, but she is definitely not "well behaved" as I hope our Zoe will be.

I am assuming that the training espoused in your book will work with other breeds.

Problem #2. I have two other dogs. One is very aggressive towards Zoe and Zoe to him. The larger dog is tollerant. HOW do I socialize them when they have to live together. So far, I have only seen a tiny bit of success....if I am there and watching every minute. Other than that, I have to put either Zoe or Ricco in the crate.

Thanks for your help.

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Aug 06, 2012
Is JR training adaptable to other dogs
by: Janis

Thanks, Patti,
That is an interesting point that, although so obvious, I never really thought about. Part of the issue that I have not mentioned is that the JR/Pug puppy is my granddaughter's. They spend a lot of time here, but since it is sporadic, trying to get it to get along with our smaller dog seems challenging. I do think I am going to take the JR/Pug (Zoe) to a trainer to jump start the training.

Aug 06, 2012
Jack Russell Training
by: Patty

Hi Janis,
I have the ebook as well and it can definitely apply to other breeds, as I lent it to a friend who just got a golden retriever. I believe the book was geared towards JRT's and mixes but the basics apply to all dogs.

Because you have more than one dog you have to figure out which is the alpha (lead) dog and then treat the pack accordingly. The alpha dog always gets pet first, fed first, let out of the door first, etc. Once rank is determined that should help things. Keep in mind that not all dogs get along and you might want to consider bringing in a prossional pet behaviorist to help.

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