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Is medication my best option?

by Aaron
(Portland, Or)

I rescued my Jack 2 years ago and have been working towards correcting his behavioral issues as expected but feel like I have hit a wall that can not be scaled. His hyper active demeanor puts so much stress on the poor guys life it appears he needs an all natural anti anxiety medication to prevent him from causing physical damage to himself. He has calmed down significantly over the years but his times in the vehicle especially make me concerned for his health even though he appears to always want to go for a ride.

Does anyone use or know of a safe, all natural anti anxiety medication that can help my guy calm his nerves in situations that allow him to get over excited?

Thank you,

Aaron & Clark

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Dec 14, 2011
Try these...
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're having problems.

In the lead up to bonfire night, our JRT hated the noise of the fireworks. We found a natural remedy at Pets for home, here in the UK. She was so much calmer, and her overall demeanour much less manic which meant that we weren't stressed/ passing our anxiety on to her. We always keep some around just in case, as they seem to work quite quickly.

Here's the tablets we use, you may be able to find something similar on Amazon?

Good luck

Nov 17, 2011
Is Medication my best option?
by: Robbin's Rescued Russells

Aaron & Clark

I have had Jacks for over twelve years and have operated my non profit JRT rescue for almost seven years now and I have lived in your shoes. I STRONGLY reccommend getting a "THUNDERSHIRT". Here is the link as to How it works. Can be purchased at Petco and Petsmart for about $40.00 It is used for a variety of behaviors. I can honestly say that I haven't heard anyone say they didn't work. Granted maybe some were only helped somewhat but in your position I would think a little is better than none.

If you do get a Thundershirt please give an update after you've used it.

Robbin Grabowski
Robbin's Rescued Russells
Second Chances Through adoption

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