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is this normal?

by andy

my 18 mnth old jack russell began limping on and off his left back leg,what do i do?

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Feb 07, 2013
Patellar Luxation
by: JohndeSD

Is your JRT limping or hopping? Does his leg seem to lock up periodically and then return to normal? Patellar Luxation is a malformation of the knee cap common in several smaller breeds including Jacks. The ridges forming the patellar groove are not prominent, and a too-shallow groove is created. The patella will luxate (jump out of the groove) sideways, especially toward the inside. This causes the leg to 'lock up' with the foot held off the ground.

Patellar Luxation can be surgically repaired, but many vets will recommend against it unless they feel that the malformation is so shallow that it will cripple the dog as he/she matures.

Jan 29, 2013
Is this normal
by: Deborah

No it is not normal maybe he hurt his leg or something I would take him right to your vet asap I own 2 JRT,s Elvis and Patch and I rescued Patch alittle over 1 year ago and before he was at the shelter he was hit by a car and the woman that saved him from the shelter brought him to her vet and got his leg and hip fixed and every once in awhile he does not limp but he picks up his leg for just a minute or 2 once in awhile and it maybe arthitus but yes you need to take your baby to the vet to find out what is going on?

Good Luck Debbie from Sarasota Fl

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