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Itching and scratching

by Ash casas
(San Antonio, tx)

My jack Russell Charlie is a really great dog. He's so energetic and loving. As of right now I don't have the funds to take him yo the vet. He's always scratching and biting his back and kegs that is leaves a rash. It's so bad that he makes him self bleed and he's going bald. He so red on his bottom and on his tummy. I've tried oatmeal baths, I've used vinegar also but nothings working. I buy the sprays with aloe Vera to stop the itching but nothing works. I put a&d on all his spots were he's itching but he ends up licking it off. He is such a good dog I just hate to see him so uncomfortable. I need help and answers, I know the right thing to do is get him diagnosed at the vet but times are hard. Can anyone help?

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Nov 12, 2012
Atopic dermatitis
by: Anonymous

My jack Roxy has been scratching herself since she was a little pup and after many many visits and trying almost everything, I think we finally we able to solve her issue. After a diet trial to see if her food was giving her some sort of allergy which didn't work, it seems as she has atopic dermatitis which essentially is she's allergic to grass pollen, dust mites. Could really be anything and essentially causes her to scratch and scratch until her skin beings to scab. Benadryl could work depending on how severe but with my dog it wasn't strong enough. Finally took her to see a dermatologist and he prescribed Atopica. That has worked wonders and its much better than giving her steroids. I hope you are able to get a trial an see if that works only down side is it can be pretty costly, about $25/box of 30 pills. I hope this helps and I wish you the best!!

Nov 12, 2012
Itching & Scratching
by: Anonymous

It is difficult to know, what to advise without knowing the cause, of the itching and scratching. Does the dog have fleas?
Those must be eradicated before your dog will get better, vets advise these days. I agree.
Your dog should be receiving heart worm med every month, and if he has fleas, the drops behind the ears pm the back.
If your dog is only suffering from some sort of contact allergy, 1/2 20 mg Benadryl tablet may be given for each 10 lbs. twice a day.
I hope this helps.
I have also dissolved Benadryl in water, and put that on my dogs. It's good, and if they do lick it, it won't hurt them.
Good Luck!

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