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Itchy face, jack russell

My jack russel (7 yrs) has a skin problem on his face, it always looks very sore. He had tests done and I was told he was alergic to beef, lamb and slightly to house dust. He just has chicken or turkey with no aditives now. I have given him special powder with nutrients (bionic biotic)Puriton for allergy. Doesn't seem to make any difference. I think it all down to nerves as he is forever barking and seems quite highly strung. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Kim

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Jan 21, 2012
Itchy Jack Russell
by: Jennifer

The itching could definitely be a form of self mutilation/ocd. Dogs that are anxious sometimes itch. It could be that your Jack has fleas or some parasite and is anxious about that (which is often the case with self mutilation). I would take your Jack to the vet and have him check for fleas and parasites as well as do bloodwork, urine analysis, etc in case he has some other underlying issue causing this.
If your Jack does have anxiety issues, there are anti anxiety medications out there but it is often best to work with a pet behaviorist who can teach you the right way to replace a negative behavior with a positive one - such as replacing the itching with chewing on a bone.

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