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Izzy.... delightful tiny JRT x Chihuahua and Mia also tiny JRT

by carmel harrison
(Ruislip - UK)

Mia and Izzy grown up

Mia and Izzy grown up

This is take two ! Finally hopefully, managed to resize pictures to upload with the text! You'll find snippets of our story in other places!
We have Izzy a 5 yr old JRT x Chi who was an adorable pup and grew up to become an elegant but still cute little lady - delicate, sensitive and hugely loving. Plays all day but equally happy to snooze in a bed or in the sun somewhere. Great companion who would make anyone an ideal PAT dog. Even my 90 year old mother adores her and she really dislikes dogs generally! Izzy will pop up onto her lap and snuggle for hours. Izzy can do lots of complicated tricks for the love of it and is emotionally intelligent. Likes being where we are and is closely bonded to daughter Jess who is off at uni so much excitement on her return trips home! Mia a now 3+ year old short legged JRT was Jess's 18th birthday present but is most closely bonded to me! Mia again was a knock out bundle of fluff and fun as a pup (although it tool us along time to forgive her for crying all night every night for the first two weeks away from mum!) Mia has boundless energy and a passion to chase balls and sticks which she'll do all day if indulged!Quickly learned all the tricks too but very food orientated and not keen unless there is a treat at the end! Will run for hours then loves to watch Countryfile or National Geographic channel - anything to do with animals. When young she used to chase sheep off the screen and hunt behind for them! recognises her face in a mirror which is extremely unusual and even regognises cartoon dogs (before they bark) Loves hunting and digging but has not managed to escape yet. Not great with greeting other dogs and has a really annoying bark tone which grates - fortunately she doesn't bark too often. Loves to swim - whereas Izzy is not at all keen on the water. These two are good mates for each other and brilliant company for us! I wish more than almost anything else that I had allowed myself to be persuaded to get little hounds when the children were small - these dogs are very low maintenance, do not smell, do not have to be exercised outside if the weather is poor and can happily be left if we are all out or at work even for reasonably long stretches.Never mess or wreck the place and have no separation anxieties. We have been pretty consistent in the handling and boundary setting although they do take advantage of me sometimes - eldest son is definitely the pack leader and neither ever dare to cross him!
Although tiny dogs are trendy these days that was not our motivation and to be honest we did not expect them to remain so small (both are 9cm tall at the wither Izzy weights 2.5kg and Mia 5.5kgs. they are cheap to run, fed once a day at tea time! Insurance and vets fees are the biggest expense but with such delicate little bodies not being able to afford to pay in an emergency just not an option. Both speyed and chipped - we'd have loved to have had puppies but with such tiny bodies again the risks even if professionally supervised too great - we could not imagine life without them :-( I'll upload pics tho some will have to go under separate cover! I love looking at others pics of their cherished pets - I hope that you enjoy ours - if you are even near Ruislip pop in to meet them!!! :-)

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Apr 30, 2012
The adventures of Mia and Izzy
by: Shana

Thanks for sharing about these two best buds. I loved hearing about how they get on. I'm sure they bring you immense amounts of joy and happiness like my little ones do. I love how Jacks are so full of life, which are exactly how yours appear in the pics!

Mar 31, 2012
2 tiny puppies
by: Anonymous

They are both so adorable and yes it takes 2 I also have 2 Jacks I just rescued my second one about 5 months ago and they are my world too also I have a Lab mix so I do have a house full of doggies and I do want to get another Jack soon...I love your pics Thanks for sharing your wonderful babies.

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