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jack russel and boxer mix

we have a male jack russel -boxer mix he is about a year old and lately he has become aggressive to us and if we scold him for trying to bite us that gets him more upset, he does'nt scare me but its something i need to deal with right away so if anyone has dealt with this sort of problem. please give me some needed advice please.

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Sep 05, 2011
Jack Russell aggression
by: Jeff

Jack's who are aggressive towards their owners are usually showing dominance. You have to work to reestablish your role as pack leader.

You can show your dominance by making him sit and stay before he gets to eat, not allowing him to go through doors before you, make him sit and wait before you pet him. He must first have his basic commands down in order to do these tasks. If he doesn't, dog training is very good for helping to increase obedience and decrease aggression. And if he does have this down, practicing this also helps increase good behavior. Remember, it is very important to reward good behavior and to reward it immediately. By scolding him, like it sounds like you have been doing only reinforces negative behavior which makes things worse.
You didn't mention biting, but if he is biting, I would look into getting a pet behavior specialist. Biting is something you want to stop right away.

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