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jack russell and brindle pit mix

by jordan

i strongly disagree with what you said about staying away from jackrussell pit mix i have one her dad is full blooded brindle pit and her mom is jr and bp and my dog,roxy,is the sweetest most gebtle dig ever shes very very friendly and clingy sometimes to clingy shes 2 and is a crybaby she whines if she doesnt get her way she loves playin with dogs and really loves to play and yes even try to hump kitties she doesnt bite and shes terrified if my friends chihuahua

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Feb 27, 2020
Bull Jack
by: Anonymous

I have a female bull Jack, her mom is a brindle 80lb pit and her dad was their human's 5yr old Jack Russell terrier. She is extremely loyal, energetic and intelligent as well, sometimes too much for her own good lol.She is protective, not aggressive. I socialized her early with not only people and kids but with other dogs as well. I will be honest she is stubborn as all hell!! This breed requires training, actually loves/begs for it due to her intelligence and craves loving attention. Time and patience are needed as with all dogs, so if your gone alot this is definitely not the breed for you, mine travels well with me fyi loves it. She is so loving and loyal to me!!

Oct 15, 2011
Jack Russell pit mix
by: Terry

I think what Tom meant was that this mix of dog should only go to somewhere who is fully prepared for the responsibility of a very very active dog that needs lots and lots of exercise and training - and if you don't know their breeding background it could be a bad mix or if adopted from a shelter it might be a hard mix to deal with.
Sounds like Roxy is a great doggy and you and your family are enjoying her!

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