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Jack Russell behaviour problem

by mike cristofaro

we have a lovely male jack russell but we have one annoying problem with him he goes to the toilet out side at normal times and as many times as he wants to and he calls us to the back door when he wants to go outside........ but then he goes into any room in the house and has a squirt on a leg of a chair or on a pillow case in one of the bedrooms.... I know the obvious answer is to keep him in one room but its a shame as he is one of the family.

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Mar 20, 2012
by: linda

i have 2 jack russell terriers. ten mths old brother and sister. they're lovely but my male is so sensitive, he pees when excited, even after he's been let out or walked or has just finished peeing. he seems very insecure even though we've tried everything to make him feel positive about himself.

any ideas, we feel bad for him

Dec 14, 2011
Jack Russell marking territory
by: Caroline

It sounds like your Jack is marking territory within your house.
A couple things to try:

If he isn't neutured, consider doing that. It may help cutting down the need to "mark" everyting.

Try putting him on a consistent walking in schedule so he knows when to expect to go out.

Don't let him run around the house. He has to stay with you or hang out in his crate. For a few months. During that time, you'll learn to know what he's up to, and he may (may) get over this delightful hobby.

Clean the pee spots really well. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and tend to revisit spots where they have already gone. Get something from the pet store that is enzyme based.

If you catch him in the act - or better, with leg in mid-lift - take him out quickly with no fuss.

You might find it helpful to teach hime to pee on command. Service dogs are routinely taught this - you can find books for google around for info.

Enroll him in obedience school or something to take his busy mind off the joys of indoor pee.

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