All Your Jack Russell Behavior Problems Solved.

No More Barking.
No More Biting.
No More Messes Inside.
No More Running Away.
No More Jumping Up.
No More Destruction Of House and Property.
No More Disobedience.
No More Stress.

Hi, I'm Tom McSherry.

I'm the author of the Jack Russell book, "The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training," and a proud owner of three Jack Russells. I'm a former wildlife park guide who has experience raising Jack Russell Terriers from birth and training them into obedient companions. I want to tell you the story of how this book came to be written.

For years I struggled to keep my Jack Russell Terrier under control. Bella was full of energy, constantly on the go - she brought a great deal of joy and happiness into my life. But the problem was - she wouldn't do a single thing I told her to do. I'd say "Sit," she'd walk away. I'd say, "Come," and she'd stare at me as if she had never heard the word before. Maybe you can relate to this.

It was more than just a matter of disobedience. Bella seemed intent on destroying all my personal possessions from the day we brought her home as an eight week old pup. I loved her dearly, but her behavior was becoming a huge stress point. I knew there had to be a solution.

I tried reading a few popular dog training books. Unfortunately, none of the tips in these seemed to get any results with my Jack Russell. At first I thought I must be doing something wrong.

But then I started to research the breed more thoroughly, and it dawned on me what an incredibly unique breed the Jack Russell Terrier is. And I realized something else incredible - there just wasn't a book out there that explained, in detail, how to train a Jack Russell Terrier. There was no such thing as a Jack Russell book that focused completely, in detail, on training.

I decided I would have to research the breed thoroughly to understand my dog's character, mind and emotions. I had to figure out what made the Jack Russell Terrier tick, for the sake of my own sanity.

So that's exactly what I did. I read stacks of dog training books and pulled out all the techniques that I felt applied specifically Jack Russells. The result? A straight-forward guide to training Jack Russells that the average owner can understand easily and use to bring about behavior improvements straight away.

Can This Jack Russell Book Really Transform Your Relationship With Your Pet?

Are you in need of a Jack Russell book that can tell you, finally, how to:

  • Understand the specific needs of Jack Russell Terriers, and how to use your dog's personality to get better training results in less time
  • Stop your dog from escaping from your yard, avoiding all the fear and distress that comes with losing your pet

  • Stop your Jack Russell's annoying habit of jumping up on you the minute you walk in the door after a hard day at work

  • Get your Jack Russell's barking under control, saving your eardrums and avoiding problems with your neighbours

  • Stop your Jack Russell from soiling your carpet, saving you the time and mess of cleaning up?

  • Stop your Jack Russell from chewing on shoes and furniture, saving you the time, money and frustration of replacing your valuable possessions

  • Become your dog's "pack leader" so that you finally feel you have control over your household

  • Keep your dog happy and healthy with the right mix of training, games and exercise
  • Teach dog tricks that you can show off to your friends, not to mention making your dog happier

Imagine If You Could Finally Rest Easy Knowing That No Matter Where You Go, Your Jack Russell Is Behaving

Imagine a Jack Russell book that can show you the most effective techniques for training Jack Russells, so you can spend less time struggling with problem behaviors and more time doing things you enjoy with your pet and your family.

Imagine a stress-free household where your family and your dog get along in perfect harmony. Think of how people on the street would comment on what a responsible dog owner you are as your dog walks on a loose lead and responds immediately to all your commands.

You would be comfortable letting your dog off the lead public places, because you'll know there's no threat to anyone and your dog will come back to you as soon as you call. All the fear and anxiety of letting your dog off the lead disappears.

Most importantly, you can grow closer to your dog and have more of the life-enriching experiences that make owning a Jack Russell so rewarding.

You can solve all your dog's behavior and training problems, and you don't have to read a whole stack of training books or pay hundreds of dollars to a professional trainer to do it. It's easy to learn. Anyone can do it with the right information.

There's a Jack Russell book that does all of that, and more - "The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training." The techniques inside will save you hours or frustration and turn your dog into a well-behaved, problem free companion. All that with a money-back guarantee, so there's no financial risk to you, and free, after-purchase email support.

See What People Are Saying About This New Jack Russell Book...

"In my opinion the way this book is written is in a simplistic way so that an individual with limited experience in training dogs can understand it. Yet for someone like myself with experience in training dogs, specifically Terriers, found the information interesting enough to continue reading it. I feel that every Jack Russell Terrier owner can gain something from reading your book. It is the perfect book for first time Jack Russell Terrier owners."

- Robbin Grabowski, operator of a Jack Russell Rescue centre with over 10 years experience in training and caring for dogs, whose rescued dogs have won various titles in Flyball competitions.

"What a great book about Jack Russells!!!!!! Everything's so true about those little devils, and this is definitely a good start to learn to understand them. The "9 Essential Principles" is a very good summary to dog training, with detailed explanations of each principle to follow. The checklist at the end of each chapter is also very helpful. It checks to make sure you've really read the information, not just skimming through it. Other than training methods, this book also focuses on what the dog is thinking and creating "win-win" situations, because we all know there's no way to make a JRT do anything it doesn't want to!!! It's a perfect book for any new JRT owner, or anyone who just wants to know more about them."

- Habie Ng, Jack Russell Terrier owner.

"I want to tell you that I have found your book the best in its kind. It is written in such a simple language, it is a pleasure to read it. Besides, many pages has made me smile. It is like if you were talking about my Yago! I love it. However, I must confess, my children and I have made many mistakes, so, we are trying to correct them following your book. As you said, sounds simple, but sometimes it simply doesn't work that way. My Yago has such a cute face that sometimes we find it hard not to spoil him.

My children are also reading the book because everybody has to be involved. I have encouraged them to read it, and finally they are doing it, and they are enjoying it so far!

I want to thank you for making such a deep study on Jack Russells. All the things you say in your book are so true! The characteristics of the breed, how they are hunters, everything! They are great dogs! And your book is the best guide to train JRs. I am glad I found you on the web."

- Martha Del Mazo, Jack Russell Terrier owner.

A Dog That Was Kicked Out Of Puppy Class Shows Improvements In Days...

I don't know how to start this. I have a Jack I love beyond reason. He is everything you have described on your site and in your book. I got him at almost 4 months old, so there wasn't a lot of basic early training, plus he came with some character quirks that had/have me at a loss on how to cope with on a daily basis.

I had everyone AND their brother telling me to give him up, giving me names of trainers, giving 'How To... books. NOTHING worked. I kept saying there has to be a way, I can tell you I wanted to take 'Caesar' and whisper something up his nose. LOL.

We were thrown out of puppy class. I kid you not. I had a trainer come to the house, all general instructions,nothing specific to the Jack. I was sure he did not fall into the general taining format. So I persisted and by touching on some of the things you mention (not knowing I was on the right track) and with lots of tolerance and persistence we got through the terrible 2's. But still 'issues'. He went through 3 couches!! I have pictures to prove it.

Let me start at the beginning. When I went to the airport to pick him up (his name is Spencer) I could hear screaming all the way across the airport tarmac. He was in fact SCREAMING. Not barking or howling or yipping, but this high-pitched scream. This proved to be his signature for anything and everything he feared or wanted to go after. When I got outside the terminal I opened the cage to let him pee and stretch his little legs. He was running around on the end of his leash screaming and very frantic. I felt so sorry for him. He had literally exploded into my life. He was also exhausted from the trip. He cuddled on my lap as we drove home.

We tried puppy school. As I said we were 'asked to leave' he would not stop screaming, No one could hear the instructor and when they tried to show me how to stop him, they failed. :-) Everyone I know kept telling me to crate him or worse, get rid of him. I did try the crate but he would not go into the same room as the crate and if I put him in the room and prevented him from leaving he would not go anywhere near the side of the room where cage sat. Nothing would convince him to go near it, nothing would entice him even close to it. After months of having this thing sit empty and his stressing over it, I gave it away.

He did not take more than a few days to house break. He is very smart and very very funny. Not to mention he is so damn cute. He gives me much joy. But he still has the screaming issue. I think I read every training book out there, like you, nothing touched what I was dealing with... then I read your opening words on the web link I had followed. I stumbled onto your site by accident through a link from another page (can't remember which one) before I had finished reading that first page I knew I had found the source that was going to help me make my boy the dog 'I know is living inside him...' You confirmed my belief, Jacks are a whole different ball of was such a relief to read your words.

We have started and believe it or not in a day we have a very different relationship and he has 'calmed down'. (Still screams though, we haven't addressed that yet) I 'get' what I knew somewhere in the depths of my being but could not tap into. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to put what you learned and your love of the breed out there for the rest of us. I will keep you posted on how we make out over the next few months. Spencer is 4 and half now, we are attached at the hip and I cannot remember what life was like without him. He is a rough coat Jack. I don't pull his hair, so unless you know the breed, at first sight you would not realize he is a Jack, but once you spend time around him, there is no mistaking his Jackness. LOL."

- Elizabeth McNamara, Jack Russell Terrier owner.

Yes, I'm ready to invest in this Jack Russell book and receive the best quality advice on training my dog

A Simple, Straight-forward Jack Russell Book That Anyone Can Use To Get Immediate Results

"The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training" is a 158-page digital ebook that covers every aspect of training Jack Russells. The way I look at it - life is too short to waste time with training techniques that aren't going to work on your dog anyway.

By using the techniques in this Jack Russell book, you'll get better results and save a lot of time, freeing up more time to focus on doing things you enjoy. Here's a quick glimpse of what you'll get inside this training manual:

  • How to stop your dog's behavior problems, including barking, digging, biting, aggression, jumping up on people, peeing inside, chewing, straying from home, separation anxiety, begging and whining, and tugging on the lead
  • The 9 Principles of the Correct Training Attitude - these principles unlock the mindset you need to have to ensure success before you even begin training
  • How to understand your dog's unique personality and motivations and adapt your training routine to your dog as an individual
  • How to use a clicker to teach a Jack Russell advanced tricks
  • The proper way to desensitize your dog to anything he or she is afraid of
  • How to properly socialize your Jack Russell puppy to make sure she grows up into a happy, healthy, well-balanced adult
  • How to choose a name for your puppy
  • All the equipment you will need for a new pup
  • A creative new method for housetraining Jack Russells
  • Creative ideas for games and exercise for people who don't have a lot of time on their hands
  • How to teach all the essential basic commands a Jack Russell must know, including lots of troubleshooting tips for when the "best methods" don't work for your particular dog
  • Tips for training Jack Russell mix breeds, broken down by breed group
  • Advice for training older dogs and rescue Jack Russells that haven't had any training for some time
  • The RIGHT way to become your dog's "pack leader"
  • Lots of colour photos show you exactly how to teach commands

Yes, I'm ready to invest in this Jack Russell ebook and rid myself of the stress of a misbehaving pet

Obedience Training Is Essential For Your Dog's Happiness and Your Peace of Mind

I know you love your Jack Russell - it's impossible not to, isn't it? Obedience training not only benefits you, by eliminating stress from your life and giving you more free time - it's also essential for making sure your dog is happy.

Jack Russells were bred to be working dogs, which is why they are so intense and active. They need a job in life to be satisfied. That's where obedience training comes in. By training your dog well you not only eliminate problem behaviors, but you also help your dog feel more satisfied with life and grow the bond of friendship between the two of you.

This Jack Russell book covers Jack Russell Terrier training from every angle. It goes through everything from the right attitude you need for training success to how to housebreak JRT puppies and tips for training older dogs. Finally, there's a Jack Russell book that is really just about Jack Russell training.

Save Yourself Hundreds Of Dollars On Generic Dog Books And Professional Trainers

How much would you pay to eliminate all your dog's problem behaviors and turn him or her into a totally obedient "team player"? $200? You could easily waste that much money on a professional trainer just to solve problems that could have been easily avoided in the first place - if only you had a Jack Russell-specific training guide from the beginning.

Well, now that guide exists. It's just a few clicks away, and it's totally affordable. There simply isn't another Jack Russell book packed with this much Jack-Russell-specific training info that actually works.

No Hype, No Outrageous Promises - Just Advice That Gets Results

There are a few Jack Russell books around the web that make outrageous claims and promise you the moon. Go ahead and check out a few other "Jack Russell specific" ebooks. Seriously - I'm recommending that you go and buy someone else's book. Then when those books fail to deliver what they promise, come back here for a copy of "The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training." When you see the difference in the quality of the information, and the results my techniques deliver, you'll only wish you had got your hands on this ebook sooner.

Yes, I'm ready to purchase my copy of The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training, completely risk-free

The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training Can Help You Solve All Your Jack Russell Training Problems And Restore Harmony To Your Household. Look What's Inside...

Chapter 1 - Why Is My Jack Russell Insane?

Chapter 2 - Jack Russell Bootcamp - Turning Your "Terror" Into An Obedience Superstar

Chapter 3 - Nip It In The Bud - Strategies For Eliminating Problem Behaviors

Chapter 4 - The Puppies Chapter - Everything You Need To Know About Your Pup

Chapter 5 - Advanced Training and Tricks - Taking It Up a Notch

Chapter 6 - Rescue Dogs, Old Dogs And New Tricks

Chapter 7 - Exercise and Games - The Crucial Ingredient To A Friendly Personality

Chapter 8 - A Dash Of Poodle, A Pinch Of Jack - Tips For Training Jack Russell Mix Breeds

Chapter 9 - Fluffy, Meet Jack - Multiple JRTs and Other Pets

My Guarantee To You

I'm so confident that my Jack Russell book is going to be the answer you've been looking for, that I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If it doesn't solve your problems, if it doesn't deliver more than your money's worth, I'll give you your money back and we can still be friends. What's more, YOU CAN KEEP THE EBOOK. It's absolutely risk free - if it doesn't deliver what you were looking for, I'll give your money back and you can keep it as my gift. That's my personal promise to you.

How Much Longer Can You Afford To Suffer With a Misbehaving Jack Russell?

Click Here To Order Your Copy Of The Jack Russell Book and Improve Your Relationship With Your Pet Forever

Happy Training and Best Wishes,

P.S. - Do you have any questions about the Jack Russell training ebook? Please feel free to Contact Me and ask.

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