The Wonderful Combination of the Jack Russell Border Terrier Mix

The Personality of a Jack Russell Border Terrier Mix

The JRBT mix is a dog growing in popularity throughout the world, but what can a new owner expect from their dog personality-wise?

It is becoming more and more popular in the United States for people to want to own something unique, and this is no different when it comes to the market for dogs. This is why many people are turning to mixed breed dogs in greater numbers than ever; dogs that are bred from two different breeds in order to create something different from the norm. Perhaps one of the nicest mixes is the Jack Russell Border Terrier mix, which is a dog that takes the different personality traits and physical features from both of its parents.

The problem with a JRBT mix is that – until the dog is fully grown – people never know what their personality will be like! This creates an interesting dilemma for owners; do they purchase one of these and hope that the dog turns out nicely – as opposed to taking the bad traits of each of these breeds - or do they take the safe road and purchase a purebred dog, where they will know roughly what they are buying. Well, the reality is that a good owner will always be able to ensure that a Jack Russell Border Terrier mix turns out as a lovely dog – it’s just how much work that needs doing that is the question!

So the question is, what sort of personalities do these two inimitable breeds have and therefore could the Jack Russell Border Terrier mix be the dog for you?

The Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a dog that can bring a lot of personality to this mix, although this personality could be sidelined by the massive amounts of energy that a Jack Russell will inject into its offspring. What these dogs will do though is provide a calmer streak to the mix – often managing to negate the slight aggressiveness that a Jack Russell can bring. This is because the Border Terrier is an extremely even tempered dog, as well as being a dog that is naturally friendly and therefore great with children. In fact, Border Terriers are often used as so called “therapy dogs”, due to the fact that they are extremely tolerant to stroking and the occasional unintentional hurt.

The Jack Russell Terrier

The JRBT mix can be heavily influenced – often overly influenced – by the Jack Russell, mainly due to the fact that is has such a dominant personality. All JRT owners will know just how headstrong this breed can be, and that it can have a slightly aggressive nature when around other animals and also occasionally children. This is why the influence of the calmer Border Terrier can often be extremely attractive to a potential owner who has children or other pets.

As can be seen, the JRBT mix can be a great choice for those who want a dog with a great personality but without the aggression that some Jack Russells bring. This means that more people are turning to JRBT mixes when looking for a great new addition to their family!

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