Jack Russell Boston Terrier Mix

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The Jack Russell Boston Terrier mix combines the speed and agility of the Jack Russell with the strength and solidity of the Boston Terrier. Both breeds actually have some common breeding history. They both have traces of the original English White Terrier - however in Jack Russells this was crossed with the Black and Tan Terrier, and in Bostons it was crossed with the English Bulldog. Read on to learn more about the traits of this mix and how to care for them.

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Jack Russell Boston Terrier Traits and Care

Boston Terriers have distinctly bulldog-ish faces because of their ancestry, and this shows through in the mix as well. Pointy ears are another trademark brought to the mix from the Boston Terrier side.

Bostons were originally bred to be fighters, although that tendency has diminished in more recent years. You're more likely to notice the hunter from the Jack Russell side coming through, assuming that the Jack Russell parent dog comes from working stock and not a line of generation after generation of pets.

Boston Terrier puppy lying down.

For a Jack Russell mix, as usual, look out for the common Jack Russell traits:

  • high stamina
  • excitability
  • independence
  • strong hunting instinct
  • impressive physical strength
  • affectionate
  • sense of humor

And keep an eye out for these Boston Terrier traits coming through:

  • gentleness
  • less barking than a Jack Russell
  • slightly bigger than the average Jack Russell
  • more dark colors than white
  • short head and wide muzzle

What Are The Benefits and Downsides of a Jack Russell Boston Terrier Mix?

A Boston/Jack Russell mix will probably be a bit calmer and gentler than a purebred Jack Russell, which can mean it will make a good pet for children. However this depends on the stock the dog is bred from. Take note of the temperament of the Boston Terrier parent and try to figure out whether the fighting instinct is strong or if it comes from a long line of companion pets, as most Boston Terriers do these days. As with all Jack Russell Terrier mixes, lots of exercise and mental stimulation are a must for this mix.

Also be aware that health issues of deafness, kneecap dislocation and cataracts occur in both the Jack Russell and Boston Terriers, so a mix may be more at risk of these problems.

For more information on the Boston Terrier, visit BostonTerrierHub.com. This site has detailed information on the breed standard, health care and nutrition for Boston Terriers, as well as plenty of info on Boston Terrier raising and training. 

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