Jack Russell Breeders and
Mix Breeds - Knowing What to Look For

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Finding Jack Russell breeders with solid reputations is the first step on your puppy search, whether you're looking for a pet, a worker, a show dog, or a purebred Jack Russell Terrier. 

Unfortunately, not all breeders are created equal. There are a few warning signs to watch for before you buy from a breeder.

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Choosing a Jack Russell Breeder

Avoid breeders who won't let you view the pups in the home where they are raised. This could be a sign of unsanitary conditions and may mean there's something wrong with the pups. You don't want to buy a pup only to have your heart broken when it dies two weeks later from an illness it contracted because of bad sanitation on the part of the breeder. Also beware if the breeder won't let you see the dam (the mother).

Jack Russell breeders

Find your breeder through a reputable source. This means your vet, a Jack Russell Club, or this website. Beware of newspaper ads, especially when they list more than one breed - most likely the advertiser is simply a puppy farmer with no regard to high-quality breeding or the fate of the puppies.

Good breeders will ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle, children and how Jack Russell-friendly your home is. Good Jack Russell breeders will also usually offer a buy-back agreement, so that in case the situation doesn't work out with you and our pup, the breeder can place it in a new home. Stay away from breeders that don't seem to care where their puppies end up. Once you've chosen a breeder, head to the Jack Russell Puppies section for more information.

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Jack Russell Breeding

If your dog is only a family pet and you have no breeding experience, I strongly suggest you don't breed and just have it neutered. There are already far too many dogs in the world. Understand that dog breeding is a huge commitment and an emotional experience. Things don't always go right and losing a puppy is tough. The decision to become a breeder should be based on an enduring love of the breed, not any financial considerations - dog breeding is not a way to become rich.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breeds

Different breeders will have different types of dogs. There is not a lot of variation in what qualifies as a "true Jack Russell," but there are now many Jack Russell mix breeds.

Jack Russell breeders should be able to give you a complete picture of your new dog's breeding history. This is especially important if you want a show dog or top Jack Russell Terrier dog. - you will want to find a breeder who breeds JRTs that have proven themselves in the show ring. Champions breed champions.

Regardless of the type of Jack Russell mix, you will have to know the basics of training a Jack Russell if you want to live harmoniously with your dog. My book explains everything you need to know.

If you are looking for a pet, breeding history is not so important. There is a variation between the different Jack Russell Terrier breeds and various Jack Russell mix breeds. Follow these links to find out more about each type.

Jack Russell Breeds/Mixes:

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Cairn Terrier Jack Russell Mix

Shih Tzu Jack Russell Terrier

Beagle Jack Russell or Jackabee

Jack Chi - Jack Russell Terrier/ Chihuahua Mix Breed

Jack Rat Terrier - The Jack Russell/ Rat Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Boston Terrier Mix

Australian Jack Russell Terrier - Australian Terrier/Jack Russell Mix

Pug Jack Russell Mix

Jack Russell Border Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Fox Terrier Mix

Other Jack Russell Mix Breeds

Even More Jack Russell Terrier Mix Breeds

International Jack Russell Terriers :

Jack Russell Terriers from Europe

Jack Russell Terriers from South America

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