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We all know Jack Russells can be really tough to train. Maybe you try following the dog books or the TV "experts," but none of it seems to work for your dog. Sometimes, you may even feel like your dog is untrainable. Have you ever wondered if maybe you were missing something?

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I've had all these thoughts as well, so I studied dozens of dog training books and spent many hours of trial and error trying to figure out what works for training Jack Russells and what doesn't.

I discovered that there are some major mistakes that many Jack Russell owners make when trying to train their dogs. Just knowing about these mistakes and avoiding them can help you get better training results immediately. This will totally change the way you think about training your dog.

This ebook includes:

  • Why punishment doesn't change a Jack Russell's behavior
  • Why some Jack Russells seem "untrainable"
  • The importance of basic commands
  • Why popular theories about dominating your dog don't work on Jack Russells
  • Why you must understand your dog's unique personality
  • Why physical exercise alone isn't enough
  • How changing feeding times can help change your dog's behavior
  • Why some Jack Russells are "too hyperactive" to train and what to do about it

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