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Jack Russell Cries all Night

by Debbie

We have a year old rescue Jack Russell (only had her a few days) - who is very friendly, affectionate through the day and has settled in well with our collie - she is now eating/toileting well but insists on crying all night -if we take her through to bedroom if she can get up beside you then she sleeps - any suggestions welcome.

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Jan 15, 2013
Crying all Night
by: Anonymous

I agree with Paddys Mum, he is lonely & missing his family. I took on a 14 month old JR (Mattie) who did this, I brought her bed into the bedroom & from that day on she slept all night. We lost her last February 8th age 16 years, she was the most adorable loving dog. I bought a new pup 6 months ago. She has slept in her crate from Day 1 after leaving her Mum, Dad & 5 siblings. You just have to keep them close & make them feel secure -Good Luck I'm sure things will turn out OK they are such wonderful companions

Jan 08, 2013
Crate next to the bed.
by: Paddy's mom

If you are fine with the new fur baby sleeping with you, I do not have a problem with it. Paddy is so adventurous, and mischievious, he gets crated at night. So, we can both get some sleep.
I started him out like that at just a few weeks. Placing his crate next to my bed, where he can hear me, and I would often dangle my hand over the side, and tape his crate and say It's alright, Paddy.
It was many nights of a lot of crying tho. He just missed his mom, sisters and brothers.
He love his crate now, I give him a treat every time he goes in!
It is his save haven.
Good luck!i

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