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It's hard to define a typical Jack Russell. Personalities and characteristics differ from dog to dog. That said, there are a few characteristics that most will show. To get a quick understanding of Jack Russell dogs, check out the essential Jack Russell Information Page.

For fun and interesting Jack Russell facts in bullet-point form, take a look at the Jack Russell fun facts page. If you don't own a Jack Russell yet but you're considering the breed, you may not have a good idea of what Jack Russells are really like to live with. You might want read about the responsibilities involved in owning a Jack Russell pet.

Jack Russell dog standing on the grass.

3 Jack Russell Characteristics Every Owner Should Know About

1. They sometimes show destructive tendencies. Being hunting dogs, they tend to chew on just about anything. Don't panic - this habit can be trained out of them and mitigated by giving them tough toys, dried pig's ears and bones to chew on. They also have a tendency to dig up your back yard, so if you take pride in your garden a JRT might not be for you, although all these problems are a lot less significant if you can give your JRT plenty of exercise.

2. They need plenty of action. I consider Jack Russells to be a high-maintenance breed if they are taken care of properly and given adequate exercise. Their day won't necessarily end when yours does. For a better understanding of the character of Jack Russells, read all about the typical Jack Russell Terrier personality. Keep in mind, though, that "typical" and "Jack Russell personality" are terms that don't really belong in the same sentence. There is a lot of variation between dogs.

3. They may be small, but they're not toy dogs. JRTs are hunting dogs first and foremost. They're not suitable for families with kids under 6 years old. If you want a dog that will look cute sitting in a handbag, get a toy chihuahua.

Remember too that Jack Russell dogs only seem complicated until an expert explains why they do what they do. Then, they make perfect sense.

Long hair Jack Russell sitting on the grass.

Jack Russell Information Centre

Every visitor to this site is welcome to sign up for my free Jack Russell email course. You can also download my free ebook, "The Top Ten Jack Russell Training Mistakes." These are common mistakes that many JRT owners make that turn training into a difficult, drawn out process. Click here to sign up for your free copy.

Parson Jack Russells

There are two main types of Jack Russell dogs: the Parson Russell Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier. The difference is minimal. Parsons generally have slightly longer legs and are show dogs. They can be registered with the American Kennel Club and other major all-breed clubs around the world. Jack Russells, on the other hand, are strictly the working version. They are not recognized as a breed by any major all-breed dog club. Read more about the Parson Terrier.

The Short Legged Jack Russell

There are also short-legged Jack Russells, which are known by many different names, such as shorty jack russell terriers, English Jack Russell, Australian Jack Russell and simply the "Russell Terrier." Learn all about the short legged Jack Russell types.

Irish Jack Russells

If you're interested in small, shorter-legged Jack Russells that are bred primarily for their calm temperament, you'll want to read about the Irish Jack Russell.

Miniature Jack Russells

To put some confusion to rest over the existence of miniature Jack Russells, or toy jack Russell Terriers. I've written a page about what this term really means. Find out about the myths surrounding the miniature Jack Russell.

Wire Haired Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers come in either a smooth coat or wire-haired variety. As you can ascertain from its name, wire haired Jacks will require more frequent and intensive grooming. Find out more about Wire Haired Jack Russell Terriers.

Microchipping Dogs

For a dog owner, losing your canine friend can be a heartbreaking experience. The strength of Jack Russell instincts, sadly, means they have a tendency to run away to go exploring for prey or looking for a mate. If you've lost your dog or want to know how you can decrease your risk of losing it forever, read up about microchipping dogs.

Jack Russell Terrier History

To really understand what makes Jack Russells tick, you need to understand the history and origins of the breed. and the Jack Russell Terrier Trump

The AKC Jack Russell Terrier Dilemma

Many people throughout the United States are often shocked to find out that the Jack Russell Terrier –one of the most recognizable dogs in the world – does not appear on the official list of dogs that the American Kennel Club keeps. Take a look at the AKC Jack Russell Terrier dilemma here or find out more information from the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

Jack Russell Names

"Jack Russell dogs only seem complicated until an expert explains their behavior... Then they make perfect sense"

Stuck trying to think of an appropriate name for your dog? Take a look at my list of Jack Russell Terrier names and suggestions for choosing a name that suits your dog's personality.

Jack Russell Racing

For people with Jack Russells that just can't seem to get enough exercise no matter how much you take them for a walk, you may want to look into the high-intensity sport of Jack Russell racing. This may be just the ingredient you need in your JRT's life to use up that energy.

Famous Jack Russells

Curious about the Jack Russells who has graced both the large and small screens? Read all about famous Jack Russells and famous Jack Russell owners.

Jack Russell Terrier Info for Pet Shoppers

If you're researching the breed because you're thinking about buying a JRT, this Jack Russell Terrier info covers some of the common questions asked by people considering a new Jack Russell pet.

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