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If you want to learn more about training and controlling your Jack Russell, my ebook is bound to save you hours of training trial and error and relieve a lot of stress from the process:  The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide to Training  comes complete with a full chapter on mix breeds. 

Jack Russell e-book

by Sanderine
(South Africa)

What was the MAIN thing that made you decide to buy the ebook?: It appears to
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Jun 22, 2011
results good
by: mazzys mum

the e-book has been indispensible for us, even my boyfreind, who habitually broke the rules training (consistency, cosistency, consistency), took on board this approach and we have seen benifits, our crazy little jack is nervous around other dogs but we have managed by
letting her run off steam first then do training whilst still in the park we are more likely to get results. (she gets 2 x40 -50 min walks each day).
I only wish i had found this book when she was a puppy :)
cheers rlm

Jun 21, 2011
Training book
by: Laura

I normally don't buy e-books, in fact this was my first one! It came highly recommended from my Dad who also owns a JRT. It's been very useful for us!

Jun 21, 2011
by: Jackie

Hi Sanderine (that's such a pretty and unique name!)
I bought the book because I felt I wasn't doing enough for my JRT named Russell. The book taught me about using positive reinforcement versus negative - which is a big change on how I raised other dogs in the past. I liked that the language was very easy to understand, even my kids were able to get it. The directions are concise and effective from the get go. There are a lot of training books out there but this one is well written and clear. I did see some immediate changes with my dog when I started but it's not a quick fix, you have to work on it and be consistent. Jack's are a tricky breed and consistency is key.

from Texas

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