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An assortment of the most interesting and funny Jack Russell facts. What makes Jack Russells unique? When and where were they first bred?

  • Jack Russells were first bred in the 1800s
  • Jack Russells arose from the selective breeding of Fox Terriers
  • Jack Russells were bred to be hunting dogs
  • The gene that gives Jack Russell their predominantly white color is linked to the gene that makes JRTs prone to deafness

  • Jack Russells are one of only a few dog breeds to be named after the person who bred them
  • Real purebred Jack Russells have ears that bend down toward the front of their heads
  • Jack Russells were bred for fox hunting
  • Purebred Jack Russells are more prone to some diseases, particularly knee and hip joint problems
  • John Russell, the breeder who created this breed, was born on December 21, 1795 and died on April 28, 1883
  • John Russell was a parson (a priest)
  • John Russell was a founder member of the UK Kennel Club in 1873
  • John Russell never showed his strain of dogs at Kennel Club shows
  • John Russell lived in Devonshire, England
  • The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain formed in 1974
  • The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America formed in 1976
  • There is a lot of confusion about what constitutes a real Jack Russell because for a long time there was no JRT breed standard
  • Short legs on a Jack Russell may be caused by achondroplastic dwarfism
  • Jack Russells have great endurance for long-distance running
  • Most Jack Russells are descended from a bitch called Trump
  • There is a Jack Russell Inn close to Barnstaple, northwest of Exeter
  • There are Jack Russell Clubs in countries throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Great Britain, South Africa and Belgium

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