Traits of Jack Russell Fox Terrier Mix

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A Jack Russell Fox Terrier mix is one of the most common paring when it comes to the world of the Jack Russell, but what exactly do they look like and what are their personalities generally like?

When it comes to similarities between different breeds of dogs, there couldn’t be anything closer than the Jack Russell and the Fox Terrier – two distinct breeds that have simultaneously been involved in a hugely similar history. In fact, these two breeds are so similar that some people question whether a Jack Russell Fox Terrier mix is actually even able to be classified as a mix at all!

When it comes to physical traits, the JR Fox Terrier mix shares a lot of similarities with both breeds, however physically is bears most resemblance to the Jack Russell. Perhaps the most noticeable difference from a regular Jack Russell though is the often highly obvious variation in the colors that the dog displays – something that makes then highly attractive to people looking for a small yet cute canine companion. In addition to the difference in color, the JR Fox Terrier mix will also generally have a slightly longer muzzle and noticeably longer legs, with the latter fact making them more athletic than their Jack Russell ancestors!

The coat of the JR Fox Terrier mix is broadly similar to that of the Jack Russell, in that it can come in either smooth or rough coated forms. To groom them, it is best to follow the guidelines used for the grooming of a regular Jack Russell, although the type of coat that the particular JR Fox Terrier mix has will dictate exactly how grooming is performed.

The Personality of a JR Fox Terrier Mix

The personality of a JRl Fox Terrier mix is very much similar to that of the Jack Russell, meaning that owners should treat this mix in much the same way as its descendant. Essentially, this means that any owner can expect their Jack Russell Fox Terrier mix to have boundless amounts of energy, have massive amounts of loyalty and be constantly on guard, protecting their owners until the very end.

Jack Russell owners will also know though that this particular breed is perhaps the most stubborn animal in the world, so owners need to watch out for this in their JR Fox Terrier mix pets. Although they do make fantastic pets – especially around children – a firm hand is needed to ensure that no bad behavior starts to creep in to the dog’s daily routine. It might seem like a never ending battle of wits at first, but once the initial tug of war is over, this dog will be a valuable addition to any family home!

So, as can be seen, the JR Fox Terrier mix is a dog with personality, gorgeous looks and an independent nature that many people find absolutely endearing. They are perfect for any type of household – just as long as the owners are able to put in a lot of time to keeping their Jack Russell Fox Terrier mix entertained and disciplined!

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