Jack Russell Game - The Online Flash Game, "Jack Russell"

Be warned: this Jack Russell game is addictive. The idea of the game is to guide the Jack Russell from the start on one side to his dog bowl on the other, avoiding mines and falls in the process, and trying to collect bones on the way. You do this by drawing lines between the platforms for the Jack Russell to walk across. You need to have Flash installed for this game to work. Oh, and try to ignore the bad English in the game.

Please wait a few moments for the game to load.

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Tips For Playing This Game

  • You have to be careful how you draw the lines for the Jack Russell to walk on, because if they aren't quite long enough he will fall through the gaps.
  • Avoid the mines (the little grey spikey balls) at all costs.
  • Pick up the bones for extra bonus points.
  • Don't draw the lines too steep, because the Jack Russell will walk back down the wrong way (although sometimes you will have to do this on purpose to pass a level).
  • Don't use unnecessary lines - you can only draw a certain amount. As you draw the lines, the orange bar at the bottom empties out. When it's empty, you can't draw any more lines.

Hope you enjoy the game. Don't spend too long on this and end up neglecting your real Jack Russell! Remember, the best Jack Russell Terrier games involve a rubber ball, not a computer...

Credit for this game goes to PLDM Studios (now defunct) and ArmorGames.com

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