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Jack Russell grandfather

by dave
(Fountain Valley, CA)

Why would an eight year old female (fixed)who used to love to go on walks and hike suddenly stop. After two minutes of hiking she stops and refused to go on, gets shakey and nervous?

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May 10, 2013
Jack Russell Scared
by: Anonymous

Has she had any change in her energy level? My lil one at 8yrs suddenly seemed to start jumping up my leg after a much shorter distance like carry me.....had blood work done and long story short, he had developed Cushings Disease and after and ultra sound it revealed an enlarged heart. He lived to be 16 and we just learned to take it slower and easier. Just another view if it turns out not to be fear.
Maybe change your route completely.

Feb 20, 2013
Jack Russell scared
by: Susan

Do you think there was something that might have happened to your dog to make her react like that - is it possible that something happened there to scare her? Like a loud noise (a back firing engine, fireworks, another barking dog, etc?). If she was a rescue it could be something that reminded her of her past.
Have you tried bribing her with treats. Maybe if you brought along cooked chicken/liver or whatever she likes and have her take a few steps and give her some. And keep it up until she is (hopefully) walking along happily. And you may have to do that for the next few walks. Not accepting treats would be a sign of extreme fear and then that would be a whole new ballpark to explore. But try the treats first!
Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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