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Jack Russell gurgling tummy and shaking

by Dot

Hi there

We have an adorable 2 year old Jack Russell who is generally lively and healthy

But on 3 seperate occassions recently he has had the same strange symptoms and I wondered if anyone has any ideas - before we take him to the vet

It has started with really loud gurglings in his tummy for a few hours and then passing some jelly like substance instead of a stool - only a small amount - then starting to shake and hide under the bed.

This has lasted about a day and then he bounces back as normal??

We thought he might be eating something from the garden but have fenced off the area around the shed which is where he used to always go for a sniff - just incase there was something around there causing it - he is off food during these episodes and really looks quite poorly

I did call the vet last time it happened but he was fine by the time we were going to take him

Has anyone else experienced such episodes or can offer some advice ?

Thank you

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Mar 09, 2021
same issue! NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, my 4 YO JR also suffers from regular episodes' just the same as this also. I give her probiotics as recommended by the vets when I've taken her a few times but that's it. did you ever get an outcome for you boy ?


Jan 15, 2013
some advice
by: Anonymous

Hi, i recently had a similar issue, i would take the vet and ask for a stool sample test and a blood test, my baby had to high bacteria on her tummy and it attacked her immune system and dropped her globulin level

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