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Jack Russell is now howling and barking at night He is 8yrs

by Rita

I previously owned a Jack and unfortunately had to put her down at 8yrs. She developed Hip Dysplasia.
I now have an 8yr old Male. He has always slept in his crate in my room with no issue's. Lately when putting him to bed he will bark, howl excessively. I had to move him to another room last night. He ended up barking, broke the gate on his crate twice. He now wants out every 10 minutes for no apparent reason. When I say "no" go lie down, he will be back at the door within 10min. My BIL heard him last night, he got up and here Milo had broken the door on his crate. He fixed it and went back to bed. Within 10min. again the barking and howling, he broke the door again. What could possibly be wrong with him. He is waking everyone in the house up.

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