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Jack russell jealous of new kitten

by Mark

We have a pet jack russell for five years now and he has been our only pet. The other day we found an abandoned kitten in the garden and we gave it milk and its gotten very quite. The children love the kitten and always feed and we want to keep it. However our jack russell has to be tied as he constantly barks at the new kitten and when we let him near it he started trying to attack it. I think he is very jealous about the kitten. I was wondering what we should do about it and how to get him used to the new kitten as we want to keep it . Thank you.

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Jun 28, 2012
Jack Russell and kitten
by: James

I would make sure you do the introductions very very slowly and never leave them unsupervised. Maybe putting your Jack in his crate and have them in the same room for a little bit each day and then keep them in separate rooms and make sure to give your Jack a treat afterwards so that he associates the kitten with good things. Gradually increase the time and hopefully your Jack will settle down a bit. Even after they get used to each other you are going to want to make sure that when you are out of the house that each has their own space because Jacks are hunters and sometimes they can attack a cat out of nowhere.

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