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Jack russell messing throughout day and night

by Claire

Hi I have 2 jack Russell's both nearly 3, they have both been fully house trained but for the past year the female of the 2 has started peeling and pooing all over, we have now put them in the kitchen at night due to her peeing all over our beds and carpets. I have had dog trainers in who have drawn a blank as she has constant access outside. It's getting to the stage where I'm sick of walking in, even after 5 mins and having to clear something up she even pees in her own bed!!! Please help.

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Dec 09, 2013
Female Jack peeing and pooing in house
by: Jenny

First, it might be a good idea to get her checked out by a vet to make sure there is nothing medically wrong. Then, are you using an enzyme based cleaner to take away the scent of the pee/poo. Dogs often revisit spots if they can still smell the scent and regular cleaners don't erase the smell. I like how you are keeping the dogs in one spot at night. Have you also tried putting her on a strict walking schedule (even though she has access to the outside?) Take the dogs out to eliminate after: they eat, wake up, drink, play, you return home after an absence.

Bring the dogs outside on leash. Bring them to the same location each time. Be boring and wait for them to eliminate. Give them maybe five or ten minutes.

If they don't "go," back inside to the restricted area, bring them out again in a half hour or an hour and try again.

Reinforce desired responses (appropriate outdoor elimination) with praise, treats, walkies. If you take your dogs on walks for "bathroom breaks", do NOT end the walk as soon as they "go," this teaches the dogs to hold it as long as possible because they soon learn that eliminating predicts the end of the positive experience (in effect, negatively punishing the behavior). Also a really long walk to tire her out. You might also want to think about crating them when you know they will be unsupervised (out of your site). Crating is not a bad thing and many dogs like the feeling of the small space - just as long as it's not for hours on end.

Hope this helps!

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