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Jack Russell Nikki tearing everything apart

Thank you for all the tips,� I learn with every newsletter and do understand some of the Jack Russel do's and dont's much better.

Unfortunately we need urgently tips on tearing.

Our Jackie - Nikki - is this September 1 year old but he tears everything apart.�He was an adorable puppy but now ........�He demolish 5 cushions already and last night was the last one.� My husband was so cross at him and slap him with 'n news paper (if he do something wrong we use rolled advertisement bulletins actually) to hit him.� It's�more the noise that scared him�than the hit on his bum. � But after this�experience Nico just want to get rid of Nikki.� �He also chewed our rattan chairs on the patio.� But this stopped a few weeks ago,�but now he tear everything apart.� (actually start costing us a lot of money - we're�thinking of�opening a check account on Nikki's name............ Nic the ripper!!)

He's not doing this when we are at home, just when were not there.�

We have another Jackie also - Sammy - she's 3 years old but has good manners - even asks you to sit on your lap.� All the things Nikki did Sammy never did.� When people tell us Jackies are busy and naughty we couldn't speak with, because Sammy did not do such things.� But boy!! - �Nikki is an understatement.!!

Please help!!� I need to keep Dad and the boys happy and Nikki to stay.

Kind regards

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Aug 17, 2011
Jack Russell Nikki the destroyer!
by: Janie

I definitely sympathize with you. Our JRT loved to destroy my daughter's shoes. We have a very funny picture of my daughter holding up the destroyed shoe to our Jack's face with him looking very very scared.

Unfortunately negative reinforcement like my daughter did and from what it sounds like you are doing at home with the swatting doesn't work. Jack's are very smart dogs and catch on quick to this.

Usually when Jack's are destroying property it means that they need more exercise and that they miss their owners when left alone. Maybe you need to take more frequent walks with him? Or maybe he is being left alone for too long? Do you have someone that can come check in on Nikki?

Hope this helps! Don't want your husband to give up on Nikki (or your bank account to run dry!!)

Aug 17, 2011
Destructive Nikki!!
by: Sue, Staffordshire, U.K.

Hi Rita, couldn't help but smile when I read your post about Nikki. I can just imagine him saying - 'ok the adults have gone out what can I chew up'. It sounds funny when reading about him but I do sympathise with you & the damage he has caused. I can only advise on what worked with my two Jack Russells, Roxy & Ziggy who are now 3 & half and 2 & half years old. I made sure I had plenty of 'indestructable toys' . Make time to play with Nikki & Sammi with their toys and when you go out leave their toys scattered so they can play, but make sure the toys are safe tough ones and not something he could choke on. I'd also recommend regular exercise or a good walk before leaving naughty Nikki home alone as he will be more likely to want a nap than looking for something to destroy. Jacks need a regular routine, like walkies time, feeding time, playtime and sleep time, then they will reward you with love and loyalty. It works for my two, so I hope it helps you. Good luck. xx

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