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Jack Russell nipping

My jack Russell is about 15 weeks old,he is a good dog but nips alot when playing or when my kids run or play out the back...and also doesnt really listen when is told to go out side he tries to run away from us.
will he grow out of the nipping?
and will he eventually get the point and listen when being told to go outside?

appreciate any advice... thank you

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Aug 31, 2011
Jack Russell nipping
by: Kelly

Nipping is a way for a puppy to explore their world. A good way to start working on the nipping is to substitute a chew toy of some sort when it starts to happen. Make sure you give him lots of praise for chewing on an appropriate toy. Nipping also happens when a puppy gets too excited. When you are playing make sure you are calm and don't get him too wound up. If the chew toy doesn't help, then you can always turn your back on him and don't give him any attention for a few seconds so he gets the idea that when he nips, then the fun ends.

In terms of him going out on his own without a leash .....he probably isn't ready yet, he's still young. In the meantime, taking some obedience classes might be fun for you and the kids so that when he is a little older he will be ready.

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