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Jack Russell odd behaviour and seems in pain!

by Charlotte
(Isle of wight)

Our jack Russell has recently been acting a little odd and seems like he's in pain. As he's wandering around the garden or house he will suddenly yelp in pain, he has recently started seeing in the house which is very unlike him! We took him to the vet the only thing she could find was wrong was his anal glands were quite full, she emptied them and told us to change to a dry food (he was on pedigree pouches and mixer). He's eating fine, going to the loo regularly, we take Tim for walks and he seems happy running about, we can't figure out what's wrong, my feeling is its something internal. Has anyone else experienced this or can offer any advice please? The vet charges us quite a bit every time we take him to be examined and last time she didn't seem to know what the problem was.thank you

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