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Jack Russell on the Colorado Trail

by Nate

I have a four year old male Jack Russell named Takoda. He's been on many hikes and backpacking trips with me. We run a min of five miles five days a week and he always keeps up, he's also climbed many of the Colorado 14ers (the mountains over 14 thousand feet). This July (of 2013) I'm planning to backpack the Colorado trail through. It will be about 500 miles and take roughly 5 weeks and want I to take Takoda with. What are peoples opinions on this? Does anyone think that's too much on a JRT?

I do have a nice little synthetic jacket and boots for him because he also comes backcountry snowboarding with me and loves it! And again he always keeps up and then some! Also at night he sleeps in my bag with me so staying nice and warm is never a problem.

Thanks Nate

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Feb 19, 2013
Jack Russell on the trail
by: James

Wow, I'm getting tired even just thinking about all the activity you two do together. I think it's wonderful that you are such great companions!
I've done little bits of the trail but not the whole thing.....and not with my Jack. But it's been many years.

The only place where dogs are not allowed is the stretch of trail in Waterton Canyon but there is an alt route calld Indian Creek Equestrian Trail I think.

Just make sure you bring along provision like a first aide kit in case your little guy gets hurt and other provisions like sunscreen or tweezers. And check about animal hospitals along the way just in case.
Here is a good trail forum where you could pose some questions:

Best of luck. Take lots of pictures!

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