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by Dawna Lindsey

We have a 7 year old Jack Russell we adopted at age
five.It seems that he has changed in his behavior...such as he will not go and set down at dinner
time,he stays at the table making noise. Oliver has a
good dinner but,he always seem hungrey.The other problem
is I will let him out for bathroom business after 10-15
mins i call oliver to come in he just looks at me and
goes off in another direction, Yesterday he went way over into another yard.Oliver get walks everyday and he is feed twice aday and given treats twice aday.My husband think he was mistreated by a female because
he follows my husband around and waits for him at the bathroom door and will not stay upstairs when my
husband is in the basement. We'vd had other Jack Russell
dog but never this problem.I love dogs and they are always part of our family.

Thank You


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May 12, 2013
Change in behavior
by: Frank

Anytime you see a big change in behavior it definitely can't hurt to get your Jack checked out by a vet. Lots of times a change in behavior from what is typically can mean a medical issue. Not always though. If your vet gives your Jack a clear bill of health, maybe a some dog training classes might be good. That would give your Jack a chance to socialize with other dogs and would train you and your husband to help give your Jack more confidence through obedience (and this can help when you have to call him inside and he ignores you).

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