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Jack Russell Pees in My Bed

by Natalie

My husband does not really like to watch TV, but when he does, he sits next to me on the love seat. The last two times we have watched TV together (and this might be a coincidence), my 2 year-old Jack Russell female sneaked into our bedroom and peed on my side of the bed. Is it possible that she is jealous?

Obviously, we started closing the bedroom door, but I am curious about the reason for this strange behavior.

I think she also peed on my Black Lab's bed before. Jack Russell is not fixed, and I wonder if getting her fixed might solve the problem.

Appreciate your help!

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Sep 28, 2013
better keep the door closed!
by: john from hull GB


May I suggest that your dog is scent marking you as her property,and this is quite common with dogs that have bonded with one owner.

She is telling you that she wants her smell to be linked to you!

She loves you,and wants to show it.

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