Having Fun with Jack Russell Pets

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Our Jack Russell pets are very close to our hearts, so it helps if to have plenty of ways to enjoy each other and pamper your dog. Here are a few tips for making your JRT's life more fun.

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If I Was A JRT, What Would I Do?

Remember that your idea of being spoilt is probably very different from your dog's. Some people like to shampoo their dogs, buy them clothes and tie them up in a bow. Some dogs may enjoy this treatment, but I've met a fair number of JRTs in my life and I can't imagine most of them feeling particularly enthusiastic about the thought of being dressed up and carried around in a handbag. To figure out how to pamper your Jack Russell, you have to think about it from her perspective. What do JRTs love to do?

  • They love to run
  • They love to chase things
  • They love tug of wars
  • They love chewing on toys

On top of these things that all Jack Russells love, every JRT I've met has a quirk in their personality, something unusual they enjoy doing. As long as any quirks your dog has aren't annoying problem behaviors, feel free to indulge them now and then. The action may not make any sense to you, but it might be very exciting to your dog - and that's the point.

Playing Games

This is the best thing you can do to pamper your dog - play plenty of Jack Russell games. A good game of tug of war is a lot more appealing to the average Jack Russell than a manicure session.

Other good games include fetch and chasing games. Here's an idea - attach a soft toy to a fishing line and leave it lying on the lawn where your dog will see it. As soon as it gets her attention, start reeling it in. This game of fishing for Jack Russells can keep your dog amused literally for hours - if you don't get bored of it yourself!

Staying Balanced - When Does Pampering Become Spoiling?

It's important to note the difference between pampering your dog and spoiling her. Some JRT owners get so enthusiastic that they don't know when to say no. They give in to their Jack Russell pet's every whim. Remember that even though you want to make your dog's life fun, letting her run the show is only going to have negative consequences on behavior and training. You need to stay in control. So don't respond to begging or attention seeking behavior. Give her attention, games and treats, but only when you want to, not when she begs for it.

Another point to note here is not to overdo it on food treats. Dog obesity is becoming more of a problem these days as people exercise their dogs less and spoil them with too many treats. Save special food treats for training sessions - don't just hand them out willy-nilly - and make sure they fit in with a balanced diet.

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