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New funny Jack Russell Pics of my three terriers, Bella, Runty and Louis. Runty and Louis are brother puppies from a litter of ten. A few weeks ago I put up a page of pics of these puppies. The pics here are only of the three dogs that I still own. You may notice that in most of these photos the puppies happen to be asleep in very strange poses. These were taken around Christmas, so action shots were not really on the cards. Neither me nor the puppies had much desire to run around like idiots after Christmas lunch.

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Runty is the puppy with the wide white stripe down the middle of his head and the black ticking that makes him look like he's got a bit of Dalmation in him (he doesn't!). Louis is the puppy with the one black spot on his back, and Bella is the older dog with more tan on her face. My favorites here are the pictures of Louis trying to kill the Christmas teddy bear, and of course the pics of Runty splayed out upside down.

Jack Russell killing Christmas Jack Russell puppy killing Christmas Jack Russell Louis, surprise Jack Russell Louis waking up Jack Russell on his back Jack Russell pup snoozing Jack Russell pup waking up Jack Russell pup waking up Jack Russell puppy cute face Jack Russell puppy in a funny pose Jack Russell puppy hiding Jack Russell runt close up Jack Russell runt sleeping Jack Russell Runty asleep Jack Russell Runty's face Jack Russell Runty flopped out Jack Russell Runty under the table My three Jack Russells My three Jack Russells again Two Jack Russell puppies sleeping

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