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These Jack Russell pictures were all taken by me around the house and in the backyard. They are pictures of my dog Bella. Bella is a four-year-old female. Many of these photos were taken not long after she gave birth to a litter of ten puppies, while they were being weaned.

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Bella has always been a hyperactive and fun-loving dog, which suits my personality to a T. She's calmed down ever so slightly as she gets older, but she remains the quinessential nutty Jack Russell. She loves to chase her favourite toy, a spikey green ball with a bell inside. Unfortunately she hardly ever stays still long enough to pose for a good photo. These photos are mostly of Bella in her slower, more relaxed moments - believe me, these are few and far between. When I get a good collection of action shots together (that aren't a total blur), I'll put them up here too. I may have to invest in a better camera first.

Bella is particularly hyper, even by JRT standars. Dealing with her helped me a lot to develop many of the ideas in my free ebook The Top Ten Jack Russell Training Mistakes.

Curious Jack Russell Itchy Jack Russell Jack Russell Bella in the backyard Jack Russell Bella chewing on something Jack Russell Bella closeup Jack Russell Bella on the couch Jack Russell Bella exploring Jack Russell Bella's face Jack Russell Bella's face2 Jack Russell Bella looking up Jack Russell Bella looking up2 Jack Russell Bella looking Jack Russell Bella in profile Jack Russell Bella in profile2 Jack Russell Bella with weaning puppies Jack Russell Bella sitting on purple rug Jack Russell Bella standing Jack Russell Bella walking Jack Russell Terrier Bella in the back yard Jack Russell Terrier Bella exploring Jack Russell Terrier Bella sniffing around

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