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jack russell problems :(

by Brooke

I recently adopted a stray jack russell, he is very very smart but its getting really difficult to train him on anything. I use positive reinforcement but when he does something wrong im not able to discipline him because he diesnt take offence to anything. Ive tried grabbing him buy the scruff of his neck, harshly saying no, even popped him on the nose a few times but he just doesnt understand it, he htinks im playing and just keeps going about his business. Please help any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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May 28, 2013
Trying to help - works for us
by: TJC

From time to time, our "Tyson" can become a little bugger to. He does this when he gets over tired or if we have to put on his shirt because he starts scratching his neck or chest. When he growls or even tries to rebel by snarling at any given "Bad" situation we simply (raise our voice) tell him:
"NO! ThAT'S BAD!" and then we turn our back to him and either stand there or simply walk away to let him think about what he had done. It works every time. He melts our hearts, after that. If we are sitting down, he will come up to us, crawl up onto our lap, and up my / our chest and place his face up against face / side of head. His ears are drawn back and his tail is down, showing all signs as if to say "I am so sorry, Please forgive me" Then, when we pet him, give him a gentle hug, and tell him that's it's OK and remind him to be a good boy next time - No Growling or Snarling. The all is right in the world again. Like I said - It works every time. Give it a try...what have you got to lose?

May 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

It doesn't sound like you are truly doing positive feedback if you are "bopping him on the nose" and "grabbing him by the scruff". Because your Jack is a stray it's hard to know what kind of training background or if there were any abuse before you got him. I would suggest buying a basic training book and going slow. If you are not being respectful to your Jack then you can't expect him to be respectful to you. Obedience classes would be great because they work on basic skills in a positive environment and it's a good opportunity for your Jack to socialize with other dogs.
Good luck!

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