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Jack Russell recently biting after 9 years

by Madeline
(New York City)

Hello, My 10 year Female 'Mya' Jack Russell bit my face. She sleeps with me everyday. In the morning when I wake up she usually gives me a hug and licks and is very lovable. Today she did the same and rolled over on her belly. As I was getting up I went and gave her a kiss on her head. I also gave her a belly kiss and she attack my face and bit me in my cheek aggressively and also on my my tumb. I told her no, she got scared and stated jumping up and down as like saying sorry...I told her no... I was very upset. I don't know why she did this to me. This is the 3rd time Mya has bitten me this way.... I now have a small scar on my check. Please help, I have children and am scared she my do the same to them. She is a very lovable dog and never use to bit until recently. I don't know why.. This behavior is breaking my heart. Thanks, Maddy

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Apr 10, 2015
Jack Russell recently biting
by: Diane

After 9 years, that is a big change in behavior. Any big change in behavior warrants a trip to the vet. Because dogs can't talk, if they are in pain they may express themselves physically. Hope everything is ok with your pooch!

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