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Jack Russell Rescue Not Housetrained and scared of men

by Simon Owen
(UK, England)

Hi, I have a 7 year old Jack Russel (bitch) and she is a rescue dog.

I have had her for about 12 months now. When i first got her she was underweight, had yellow fur, wasn't house trained, would run off at every chance she had and was a complete nervous wreck.

She had burn scars on her nose and her jaw looks all wonky as if she has been hit really hard by something, someone.

The problem 12 months on is that she still isn't house trained despite repeated attempts and she is absolutely petrified of men. She will walk with my partner off her lead and not run home and she will be as loyal as anything in the world with her, but she wont with me.

The good news is that when she runs off she always runs home straight to the front door and she is now a healthy weight and her fur is now a lovely white colour.

She is also very well looked after and seems very happy until she is approached by a male.

Can anybody help with these problems?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just another thing, we also have a 4 year old Manchester Terrior (bitch) and they get on very well and seem to look after each other.

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Sep 05, 2011
Clicker training
by: Jeremy

I would look into clicker training. We did that with our Jack who had been rescued (and most likely abused). It hasn't completely cure her anxiety with men but it has helped.

Sep 05, 2011
Jack Russell scared of men
by: Byron

It sounds like you have come a long way with this little one. I commend you for the rescue and all the effort you are putting in. I think because she is an older dog, it's going to be harder to train her.
In terms of her fear with men, I think you need to work with her. If you walk her, you probably need to keep her on lead versus when your partner takes her. If a strange man approaches, it would be good to give them warning that she will bark and tell them to ignore her, not to try to pet her, etc. Let her sniff them out. Have treats for them to give her if she feels comfortable.
Working on basic dog training is a good confidence builder. Maybe this is something you and your partner can do together so your Jack feels comfortable and also will get used to taking commands from both of you. This should help with the housetraining too.
What have you tried in terms of housetraining? It sounds like you should be doing the very basics/beginning type stuff like giving her edible reinforcements when she goes outside.

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