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Jack Russell Teeth

by Gordon
(New Hampshire)

I have a JR that we rescued at 10 months, which had been taken back by 2 previous owners. Jack was young and full of energy. But over the years has really mellowed. A wonderful loving Boy, Who will be 13 yrs old in March.

I took Jack to the vet. 6-8 months ago, with bad breath. The vet had to extract 5 teeth, and Jack responded well.

I took Jack to the vet this last week with a cough.

The vet examined Jack, and said he needed to have more teeth extracted. We gave Jack anti-biotics for a week and Jack went back to the Vet today.

This afternoon we picked Jack up, and the Vet told us that Jack had to have 11 teeth extracted.

Was this possible? How should we care for Jack.

Should we give him any special care?

My wife and I are 81 yrs old, and never heard of this before. We have had dogs all of our married life(62 Yrs)

I would like any pertinate information.

Thank you,

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Jan 04, 2015
Jack teeth extracted
by: Robyn

That seems like a lot of teeth to have extracted....which winds up being very costly. I hope the vet isn't trying to play tricks on you. Is there another vet where you can get a second opinion?

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