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Jack Russell Terrier and his Aggression

I have a 2 year old Jack Russell who has worn me out( at least thats how it feels) with his big headed aggression issues. When i first got him up until he made a year he was so loving( towards other animals, cats and dogs), and did not show aggression towards other dogs. It seems that literally after his 1 year birthday he got into his first fight with my Australian Yorkshire Terrier( both terrier= bad). Ever since then he can longer... play or socialize with another dog unless he has a muzzle on...even with that after a little while he will try to snap. He knows his basic commands...after a LONG time of training, and has improved some what with the training we have been getting him, but his aggression is now and has been my biggest and main concern. Im happy with the trainers that have really help me and him learn his basic commands, but I do not know what to do when it comes to socializing with dogs he has 1) grown up with since he was a puppy 2) bigger dogs( new friends) and 3) a new 8.5 week old puppy my boyfriend has just adopted. He has good days and bad days. We have walked him and the puppy together( he had his muzzle on) and he did well up until the point when they came to a stop, with out it he would have tried to eat the poor pup! They have had short introductions most have gone well, we make sure that they both received a reward and praise when they have a good introduction. I know that before long this baby German Shepherd will be MUCH bigger then my JRT and sooner or later he will not be ALPHA over the shepherd, but i do not know what more to do about this prolonged aggression. Advice from anyone with similar experience is very much appreciated.

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Oct 04, 2011
Aggressive JRT
by: Brittany

Sorry i couldn't think of anymore things to add but we did get him neutered at 6 mos old. He does individual training, includes my other dog(one on one interaction with me and the trainer). He also does group training with a couple small dogs and quite a few large dogs. We have purchased a remote training shock collar after i posted my concerns on here(yes i have shocked myself before even putting him on it), i've done a lot of research on them especially when it comes to the Jack Russell. I have not had to use the shock option much, maybe twice? I always use the "negative tone" when he disobeys my command and i use the positive tone and praise him when he obeys. I talked to a few jack russell owners who had hit success with it when it comes to aggression. I will say the only couple times i used the shock option, he growled at the puppy i shocked him (it's set low) and he went in a "down" now when the puppy, or my older dog, tries to play with jax or walks by he does not growl( so far) a few minutes ago as i was starting to write on here the puppy literally jumped on him and nibbled his ear...he just sat dog never does this!!!Im hoping this is a solution to my issues with his aggression, so far it's working. I have to say while the pup was bouncing on him( which i stopped..but praised jax since he did not attack)i am just not ready, and do not feel jax is ready for another dog to jump on him and wrestle around. We bring him to the dog park a lot, he was well behaved on Sunday, again letting dogs come near him, without attacking. An another note, i have talked to my trainer about this a little bit, but i live with my parents (there is 5 of us all together) and i do not have my own place yet. I find it a HUGE problem that with everyone under one roof, my little man does not get consistantcy. I will try to correct him or give a command and everyone at once chimes in, they all get mad when i tell them they can't do that! He listens to my boyfriend better then to me, according to my trainer it is a male dominance thing, which i have heard from other dog owners as well. He will listen to me but the moment my bf steps in he's all ears and on his game. I have not tried a dog behaviorist, i've spent a very large amount of money all ready im not sure if a behaviorist would even work, im acually really skeptical about it, one "behaviorist" i spoke with for a good while over the phone kinda weirded me out, not going to lie. She also told me she's never worked with a JRT before-so that convo ended shortly after she informed me of that. Most behaviorist i have found are really far from me, or are not really behaviorists at all. I know it is going to take a lot of work with Jax's aggression, the day i see him play with another dog, i'll probably be beside myself. Another good note for his "so far collar training experience" im sitting inbetween my yorkie and my jack, on the same sofa together, i haven't been able to do this in over a year.

Oct 02, 2011
Aggressive Jack Russell
by: Amy

Couple of things that helped us. We had our Jack neutered and that seemed to cut down on a lot of aggressive - you didn't mention if yours was. A ridiculous amount of exercise. I did the Cesar Milan technique of putting on rollar blades and going on a walk with my Jack. One more thing for you to have tried trainers but have you tried a dog behaviorial specialist? There are some that come into the house and give you specific situational strategies.
In the meantime, make sure you are continuing to practice basic commands on a daily basis. Make sure you are feeding the dogs in separate locations and also having them sleep in different locations.

Hope this helps!

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