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Jack Russell Terrier bolting


I took your online course when I first brought
home my JRT last February. I think he has done remarkably well for only being
here for less than 5 months. His vocabulary is terrific and because he dotes
on my, he listens very carefully to what I say except . . . I cannot get Tucker
to stop bolting, and subsequently taking off for parts unknown. I have trained
him with the words: come, sit, stay, down, off. He's a bright dog, but its
been very frustrating to have to litterally wrangle him where ever we are when
he gets loose, just to get him either back home or at least safe. We've taken
him on our boat and he is a gem, but once back on his leash on dry land, he
slips his collar and took off, again. I was frantic of course, watching him
tear off for the street. Please let me know how else or what else I can do to
prevent this upsetting behavior. Thanks in advance.

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Jun 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sounds like Tucker is "tuckering you out". I agree with Judy, JRT's are quick little guys and you need to be prepared for this. I think this means anticipating in advance situations where he is going to try to bolt and have his leash/harness ready as well as having treats accessible for following your lead. Also, he is quite young and sounds like he needs more training in different settings. Working inside, outside and with other dogs present. He may not have established you as leader of the pack yet which is why more training sounds necessary.

Jun 20, 2011
Bolting JR
by: Judy

I have sadly lost two JRs due to bolting so this is a problem you need to handle immediately! I am not a trainer so I can only speak of my personal experience. I would have both a collar and secure harness together that he cannot slip through and be sure that he is always on a strong leash (one of the JRs somehow slipped her harness and took off) Don't take your eyes off him for a second - they are smart and so quick. I would think a trainer would tell you to start training him in a fenced area or room - to teach Come with treats, or whatever works with your dog. But don't delay to get the help you need if this approach doesn't work. Even the best trained dog will take off after a squirrel, another dog, etc. so never let down your guard!

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