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Jack Russell Terrier destroying things

We have gotten to the point where we can leave our Jack Russell in our home to roam freely when gone for up to 6 to 8 hours, with no damage. Recently my husband went to an out of state conference. While I was a work we had a friend come over to take our Jack Russell out a couple of times during the day. First day was okay and then on the days following I would come home to find that he tore open the bed comforter and pulled out the stuffing. This happened for two days straight. Now we are afraid to leave him out for more than a couple of hours. What would cause this?

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Sep 04, 2011
Separation anxiety?
by: Stacy

Maybe your Jack was experiencing some separation anxiety. Has either of you been away before?

Some things to help:
*Exercise your Jack right before you leave the house. A tired Jack is a less destructive one.
*Leave him with a special treat before you go - like a Kong filled with peanut butter and broken bones.
*When you leave or enter your house, do so with as little drama as possible - you definitely don't want to get him worked up.
*Sometimes leaving a radio or TV on helps.
*Don't punish him for destroying things. He was probably destroying things because he was anxious and yelling at him will make him even more anxious!

Hope this helps!

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