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Jack Russell Terrier doesn't poop outside yet

My 3 month old "gets it" to urinate outside, but why is the poop outside so different? She definitely doesn't get that one! Thanks

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Aug 05, 2011
jack russell terrier puupy pooping inside the house
by: Anonymous

You pup has made the connection that she needs to pee outside but hasn't realized that she needs to do the same for pooping. Your puppy is still quite young so allow her some time to catch-on..... Help her along by:
- putting her on a schedule of making outside
- catching her in the act of pooping outside and rewarding her
- figuring out her signs for when she's about to poop and quickly taking her outside to go
- use a stern voice when he poops inside--carry the poop outside (in a tissue) with your dog on a leash along with you-- place the poop on the ground and let your dog know that poop is to go outside.

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