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This Jack Russell Terrier info has been put together to answer the questions of the typical person in the market for a pet who becomes curious about Jack Russells. Often people will see a Jack Russell puppy in a pet store and immediately be taken in by the cuteness element.

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The energy and excitement of a Jack Russell puppy is also very appealing on the first meeting. But if you're wise about the prospect of owning a pet, you will want to find out some info before you take on the responsibility of making a purchase. Let's take a look at some of the common questions people will ask when looking at buying a Jack Russell Terrier.

How much should a Jack Russell cost?

A typical Jack Russell price is obviously going to differ depending on the part of the world you live in, but in the United States a purebred Jack Russell Terrier puppy will typically cost anywhere between $200 and $800. This variation in price is due to the value some people place on the breeding history of dog's with a proven record of competing in JRTCA sanctioned competitions and trials. If you are going to buy a "premium" puppy, check out the reputation of the breeder you're dealing with. Try to get recommendations or testimonials from other owners before you buy.

Do Jack Russells need a lot of exercise?

The short answer to this question is yes. Any reputable Jack Russell Terrier information source will touch on the fact that JRTs are very high energy dogs. The high energy of the JRT can be appealing when you first get your pup, but some people find the novelty wears off quickly when they can't keep up with the amount of exercise the dog needs. If you can't commit to an absolute minimum of half an hour of walking per day, the dog will find other ways to unleash energy - like digging up your back yard.

Do Jack Russell Terriers shed?

Some sources of Jack Russell Terrier info will tell you that rough coat Jack Russells don't shed. In fact both coat types - the smooth coated Jack Russell and the long haired Jack Russell - shed hairs throughout the year. This problem can be minimized with regular grooming, but if you are worried about the hair causing you problems with allergies, consider a hypoallergenic dog like a Poodle or Bichon Frise.

Are Jack Russells good with kids?

Most Jack Russells are good with children, as long as they are raised properly as puppies and socialized with children of all ages. Very young children should never be left with a dog unsupervised, as they may unintentionally upset or frighten the dog, causing an aggressive reaction. It's best to avoid getting a JRT if you have a very young family.

Can Jack Russells live in apartments?

It is possible to keep a Jack Russell in an apartment, although it's not generally recommended. It's better if the apartment has access to an outdoor area which the dog can use for running around and going to the toilet. If the apartment doesn't have an outdoor area, it is still possible to live with a Jack Russell, but you should make sure the dog is very well-trained to use an indoor dirt box for a toilet and be prepared to take her for extra walks to expend energy. Cooping up a JRT in an apartment for too long is a good way to end up with destroyed furniture and chewed up clothing when the dog gets bored.

Is training Jack Russells easy?

Yes, it is easy as long as you have the right knowledge of how to train Jack Russells. Finding accurate Jack Russell Terrier info for training is not an easy task. They are not like many breeds of dog, having been bred orginally for the specific purpose of hunting foxes. So you need to have a unique training method, crafted specifically for Jack Russells, if you really want to get the best results from training. Without Jack Russell specific training info, you may run into many common Jack Russell behavior problems, such as excessive digging, aggression and territory issues, and barking.

To avoid these problems before they begin, you can use my ebook, The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide to Training as your guide to training your new pet.

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