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You can use the Jack Russell Terrier Links page to find more information and resources for different aspects of dog ownership. I aim to provide all the information you need specific to Jack Russells on my site, but there are some excellent sites that go into greater depth on some topics and some great general dog-related sites. I will be including sites on this page that provide excellent resources for dog owners.

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Dog Adoption and Training Guide
Dog adoption, choosing adults and puppies, choosing kennels, breeders “How-to.” We have 162 dog breeds profiled with medical info. Dog health, food, dog care, first aid, clicker and obedience training tips, Dog Whisperer DVDS’s. AKC Breed groups, breed suitability groups, more. Lots of pictures.

Compare Pet Insurance Plans
Easily review and compare pet insurance plans.

KennelSeek.com - KennelSeek helps you find and book boarding kennels and catteries online for your dogs, cats and other pets. You can quickly check availability, pictures, rates, webcams, and reviews of any kennel or cattery! KennelSeek.com truly allows you to be confident that you are choosing the highest quality of care for your dog, cat or other pet.

Ultimate Pet Directory
Dog Breeds

Pet Health, Pet Care - Pet-Health.org is the place to find useful and FREE resources about pet health and pet care. This great site includes advice on finding and choosing your ideal puppy, new puppy care, crate and toilet training, puppy socialization, obedience training, health problems, behavioural problems and much, much more.

Just Dog Treats - Shop JustDogTreats.com for all your dog treat needs. Offering a wide selection of all natural dog treats, dog biscuits & cookies, gourmet dog treats, real meat treats, puppy treats, rawhide dog treats and chews & more.

Dog Health Problems
The Dog Health Handbook has information on canine diseases and conditions including up to date information on common symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

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