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Holly one jack russell terrier 
this is/was Holly one. She was a rescue and we knew she was ill when we got her. She was a sparky little dog, who had an awful upbringing with her last …

Holly#2 Jack Russell Terrier playing in the snow. 
here's holly enjoying a snow day for the first time in her you like the jacket??

Holly#2 jack russell terrier 
this is Holly#2{named after her previous Russell},enjoying a day out in the car. Holly is a rescue dog from Jerry Green in Gilberdyke{YORKSHIRE} She …

Reise the adorable Jack Russell Terrier 
This is 12 year old Reise that I got as a foster dog from the shelter in 2009. I had posted some pics and stories years ago and then I bought a house with …

This is Kacie. Turned one year old last month. She is keeping me busy!

The end of the line for Rosie. 
It is with great sadness, that I have to report that my best friend and companion Rosie, has passed away today. She was put to sleep after developing …

Scarlet is my new JRT/Red Healer mix pup. Pictures at 8 weeks. She's a handful.. super-mouthy, but we're working on her.

Forget Me Not 
This gorgeous puppy was left behind by all family. He was maybe 3 wks old. When I saw him I thought he was a rat. After discovering he was a handsome …

Penny Lane  
Pen is 6 months old

My baby boy Harrison is 10, and the best boy I've ever picked in my life

Got this pic as she was taking a break running laps around the house

I am Bliss 
I am 4 month old in this photo and I am the smallest dog my owners ever had. I LOVE water. One hot day I found this black container in the garden under …

Bogart the Jack Russell 
a picture of him when we planned him in to a stud service.

Bogart the Jack Russell 
a picture of him when we planned him in to a stud service.

My beautiful Jack Russle 
This is Sage!

Jack Russell Rat Terrier Puppy Hyrbrids? 
Three precious male Jack Rat puppies! Red and white. Have had shots started, tails docked, & dew claws removed. Brilliant and absolutely loving pups! In …

My name is Pippi. I'm 3 months old. My Mum's name is Bubbles and my Dad is Wolverine. We are all Jack Russells. From Pippi.

Jack Rat Puppies! 
Three Males one female. Red and white pups. Have had first shot, tails docked, & dew claws removed. Brilliant and absolutely Precious loving pups! Need …

Petey my Jack Chi 
This is a picture of my baby his name is Petey or Peter he is very lovable and affectionate, loves people, and very protective, he is mamas boy and lovessss …

Watching you watching me 
Standing in a large field with a friends puppy who constantly harassed my Jack to play. Cassie (my Jack) was very patient and had had enough not leaving …

Late in life 2 great dogs for company but awful naughty , they do not like being alone so they renovate the garden , we walk them every day and play with …

Still enjoying life! 
Hello again from Rosie Lee,(who always likes a cup of tea.) Here I am at Flamborogh,waiting for my manservant, to carry me down to the sea, for a bit …

It's rosie from hull...i am still here! 
The last time I saw you all, I was a bit on the ill side, due to my Cushing's. But now I have lost 7kg and grew most of my belly hair back!! My back …

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I love my sleepies by the fire 
It was so cold so I put Zeta's bed by the fireplace. She cocooned herself in her blanket and looked so content. I just had to take a pic.

Sagie acting curious!

This is my JRTcalled Messi :) he is my shadow and comes everywhere with me hes 2 yrs old such a wonderful character and so full of life who I owe my life …

This is my JRTcalled Messi :) he is my shadow and comes everywhere with me hes 2 yrs old such a wonderful character and so full of life who I owe my life …

Just Another Day of Digging in the Backyard 
Owen and Maya love the outdoors. They will spend hours digging in the backyard and will only come in when bribed with cookies. They are smart, funny and …

getting ready for winter 
Winter was getting colder and hiccup loves playing outside so we desided to get her a jursey she didn't mind putting it on and posing for a picture but …

Digger the best dog ever 
My jack Russell is the most loyal funny ,clever dog you could want

Raining outside perfect weather for a sleep this is my 5 month old pup called cupid got him for v day from my girlfriend d best gift i have ever. Recived …

The story behind where do i start zzzzzzzzzz and thats all it took aan hr to put him dwn now my turn lol this is cupid say hi i just happen to catch him …

This is Luke. He is 9 weeks old and a very lovable happy puppy!!!! He likes to play with his sock and loves to chase you in your slippers!!!

SCAMPI DOG - No Other Love x 
Scampi has been in my life from around 8 weeks old - he turned 14 in March'14. Scampi and I have shared both highs and lows throughout our time together. …

Scampi has been in my life from around 8 weeks old - he turned 14 in March'14. Scampi and I have shared both highs and lows throughout our time together. …

My Beautiful Jack Russell had a bad start in life. He was found in a plastic bag at 9 weeks old. He is now 6 and is a very loving affectionate little …

This is Oliver. He's our first Jack Russell. We are excited & nervous at the same time, to raise this lil guy.

This is my dog, Jasper making friends with a fellow Jack Russell Terrier. (Jasper is the really scruffy one!) The other dog was not originally supposed …

This is a picture of my Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mix puppy named Nala. She is really smart and energetic. She is the size of a regular Jack Russell, …

Jack and Trixie 
Trixie's first time in her new home, Jack gave her such a loving welcome. They are two peas in a pod!! Trixie LOVES her Daddy and Jack LOVES his Mommy! …

Ticket to Ride! 
I've just bought Sally(14) a motorcycle 'Pet Palace', so that she can travel on the back of my touring motorbike! I've also bought her some 'Doggles' …

Any Food Going Spare!!? 
It's just that as soon as Sally gets the slightest whiff of a treat, this is what she does. She's now taken to bringing and dropping toys that she won't …

Out for a walk in the graveyard!

Jrt in play 
Dixie the dog.. Just another day in the backyard playing with the kids!

Flash & Flash 
my JRT Flash sitting by his picture

My little pippa 
This is our little jack russell puppy at 8 weeks

Philip Langham 
Benny is a 12 month old {approx.) rescue dog. Lovely temperament and is a joy to own. he has all the usual JRT attributes and we love him to bits !!!!

This is buster, a 2 year old who lives in Ontario, he has 2 cats as sisters and accompany him on his walks to the nearby park and watch him play with his …

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All together 
We recently got our 4th pup who is a jack Russell terrier cross Lakeland terrier, we also have Roxy who is a jrt, katie who is also a jrt and Sadie who …

Stay off the furniture. 
We made the mistake of allowing Tam up on the furniture because he was so small and cute. We are now trying to discourage this as he does it in other people's …

my name is 'scruffy' 
Scruffy by name and Scruffy by looks, I am 6 months old and live with my owners in Hampshire UK. When their 3 year old grandson visits from Cornwall …

My name is scruffy  
I'm scruffy by name and as you can see by my looks.I am 6 months old and love life. I love my owners and also their grandson who is 3 years old whom I …

Django ! 
This is Django, our new puppy and now 3 months old. He keeps us on our toes but wouldn't change him for the world!

This is the face I am so blessed to see every day! I love my baby soooo much...can any of u relate?!

Come down and play! 
I was taking Tate for a walk when he spotted a squirrel. He took off running after it! Of course the squirrel ran up a tree. Tate tried to climb the tree …

If I blend in to the blankets do I have to get up 
Savie my ten year old princess is a rescue Jack who prefers to cuddle and sleep all day but trust me she does complain when I do try to get her to come …

The black Boa was already taken 
Savie is a ten year old rescue Jack who loves to sleep and be glamorous . She prefers the via but another dog got to it before her so I guess she will …

Merry Christmas 
Haley is 7 months old so her 1st Christmas. We love her!

Our jack russell in the pool. He's not a huge fan of the water but loves to float on a raft..

ready for a stroll. 
My jack Valerie in her pink fleece goody,about to play in snow.

No story really just showing off our Jack, Rama, who is the cutest puppy in the world! Look at that face!! We found her 3 years ago and she hasn't been …

I know im cute! 
Alfie knows just what to do for extra treat!

Always wanted a jack Russell as had one as a kid, so, Humphrey is an early Christmas present :-)

This is bb 
Honestly it wasn't me who chased jess your cat or barked like a mad thing

my doggy 
i rescued this doggy and need to know if these teets are normal

Roaming Rosie from HULL. 
Here's Rosie waiting in the car ready for another adventure or just a run down to the shops. With Rosie it's 'go anywhere' long as it's in the …

This is the picure of ROSIE swimming! 
SORRY GANG,THE LAST PHOTO WAS WRONG.HERE IS THE CORRECT PHOTO FOR THE LAST CAPTION. Although I think she would have rather been sleeping than swimming. …

Rosie having a swimming lesson. 
This is Rosie, enjoying??? a swimming lesson in HULL. She has to have a regular swim to ease her stiff rear legs,due to the Cushings Syndrome she inherited …

Life is so tough!! 
Just a lazy Sunday afternoon after a very long squirrel chase!!

Rosie from HULL. 
this is Rosie enjoying the snow in was a heavy fall and Rosie although ill at this stage,still wanted to play in the garden! Have you seen …

rosie from HULL (GB). 
Here's Rosie in her usual place,enjoying a little piece and quiet.

my beautiful willow 
I brought this beautiful dog from a charity shop. Her previous owners didn't want her because she was the wrong colour. She is the best dog I've ever …

Victor and Victoria  
They both were "street urchins' NOW spoiled rotten !

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ms gillian loughlin 
I wasnt thinking of getting another dog as i already have two but my daughter was going through a really bad time we talked things over and decided on …

Rosie of Hull GB 
hello again, this is Rosie enjoying the late summer sun in the park at withernsea,near Hull. She finds it hard to walk,but is still ' up for it. …

My Jack Russell Stanley 
Here is a photo of my Jack Russell... He is a lovely little dog, Well behaved with babies and children, he likes to make other people hear him when they …

breeding day for Paw Paw 
This is a Paw Paw on his first breeding day, he's a full blooded Jack about a year old figured you all would enjoy

Rosie from Hull fighting cushing's disease. 
thank you jenny for commenting on Rosie....she is in no pain,but is very stiff on the back legs,she is on medication from the vets,for her condition,and …

Training session :)

My Picture of Henry and Harley 
Henry loves the cammeras. Harley is the one with the black eat and brown on the eye and brown and black on his head. henry is the Dog with the brown on …

Rex 💛 
Rex is our 4 year old JRT and he is just oodles of fun! He has endless energy and as a young couple, we love to attempt to keep up with him! He has his …

Chase a Jack Russell/Beagle 
Day 2 home adopted

Mother and Son 
My dog with one of her pups.

Scruffy Brave Heart 
I have a English Pointer. She's a prim and proper lady. My son has Scruffy.........he is anything but prim and proper. He's sweet, loveable, and endeared …

Jack Russell Chihuahua mix 
We just adopted him from a bad situation and he's very happy now

In the mood for food. 
This is my 18 month old JRT (Cassie)with her three 6 week old puppies - all boys. It's been a sheer delight to watch them grow and develop all their doggy …

Rosie lee of hull GB. 
here's Rosie lee at horn sea near hull, enjoying the sunshine.

rosie fighting cushings disease. 
hello from Hull in the UK. my jack Russell cross is called Rosie, and she is nearly ten years old. She developed Cushing's five years ago, and …

Russie loves to help mow the lawn!! :) 
Russie is all about anything with a motor. He loves to go for rides and in this pic he is helping to mow the lawn.

Trixi amd Dixi 
These two are sisters, I was originally only taking one but couldn't stand leaving the other. They are 6 month old tornadoes. They are amazing dogs, very …

The ever-vigilant Stanley 
Stanley is my heart-strings rescue. They had the needle poised to put him down when I managed to get a 'stay' of execution - I just knew there was a good …

so sleepy! 
This is my little Bobbi! He is cheeky, mischievous and down right loveable!

so sleepy! 
This is my little Bobbi! He is cheeky, mischievous and down right loveable!

Tyler at the Lake 
I adopted Tyler just over a year ago, and his life experience before was a bit limited. He had two owners and both gave him up. This pic is from Tyler's …

Tyler at the Lake 
I adopted Tyler just over a year ago, and his life experience before was a bit limited. He had two owners and both gave him up. This pic is from Tyler's …

Tyler at the Lake 
I adopted Tyler just over a year ago, and his life experience before was a bit limited. He had two owners and both gave him up. This pic is from Tyler's …

Cookie the 8 year old new addition to the family 
My jack Russell Chalky died of old age recently, so what does my wife turn up with last Saturday ? Little Cookie !

my ball my ball my ball!!!!! 
Buddy hasnt got the hang of football yet he wont let anyone near it!

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buddy stallone 
Buddys first dip in the sea

waiting for the mail to arrive 
Bubba loves to look out the front door watching the traffic go by. Don't know why the person bringing the mail is so exciting to dogs, but Bubba is no …

'Baby', after delivery 
Baby delivered 4 babies 7/1/2013.

'Baby', pregnant JRT mix 
I rescued Baby from a shelter in California City, CA 5/28/13. She had been dropped off with a male and another female w/babies on 5/7/13 and they didn't …

Our very much loved Danny 
Danny is a 14 week old min JR he is hyper and 100 miles an hr, we love him so much, teeth like razors and constantly digging just about house trained and …

those eyes make me feel like I'm someone 
Her eyes make me remember an person. In are family

those eyes make me feel like I'm someone 
Her eyes make me remember an person. In are family

buddy at the beach! 
Im a very lucky puppy this is my home i live in bournemouth and this is my first day at the seaside.

My beautiful Jack Russell Crosses. From the top Jock, Sophia-Maria and Nibbles. They are my best friends ;) Jock is a JR cross lm not sure, Sophia-Maria …

Buddy-dedicated follower of fashion!

BUDDY HEARD SAYING"i won't get out of bed for less than 10 grand!!"

Buddy's first smile!


Buddy loves to pose.. doesnt he look well behaved!!!!!!

Buddy s first smile

DARCEY aged 20 months 
Darcey rocking her new harness!

Buster Our Special Little Guy!!! 
This little guy gives my husband and I such pleasure. We enjoy watching and laughing at some of his antics. When Buster arrived at our house, he had …

it wasnt me that chewed dads slipper! honest x 
The camera loves me daaaarling xx

its a hard life!!!! 
BUDDY STALLONE. So sleepy night night zzzzzz

Buddy Stallone  
This is Buddy Stallone (yes named after sylvester!) Keith and Ruthies pampered pup.

These two old boys would "never" tolerate any closeness until the one on top, Stanley, got sick with kidney disease and the one on the bottom, Oliver, …

Tanya and my two wonderful but active Pups 
I first got Duke In California. When he was about 6 months we moved to Idaho. He was so sad with out his old play mate. he went and got a little jackie …

My Baby Cosmo  
This is my Jack Russell/ Chihuahua mix he is now 7 months old and as you can see he is a character his favorite sleeping position and he loves shredding …

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Mira and Sura 
just chillin for a change

Snoopy Dog 
She;s my life time companion.

Harley & Sonny 
Harley is our Black & Tan JRT and she as a little puppy grew up with another dog who sadly passed away, but just before that time she started to suffer …

My Murphy trying to figure it all out 
Had my windows cleaned this fall and with my blinds pulled Murphy wasn't sure what to think of the shadow on the window shade. He never did bark just …

Life is good 
My jack named Harley loves to cuddle on the couch with his fluffy blanket after running around in the park!


Is it time yet ? 
This is Sully he was very excited about Christmas it was our first Holiday together

Bella as a baby!!!! 
This is the first picture of bella, my baby. We got her from a farm not too far from where we live, but when we pulled up and got out of the car they …

My Little Girl Maia 
This is Me and Maia playing fetch with her favorite toy. She knows it as the "squeaka."

Thor The Runt with Big Brother Buddy a loving Pitt Bullterrier 
Thor was born on Christmas morning 25/12/2012 at around 07h00. He was the last one of seven little brothers and sisters. From the word go we thought he'll …

Tatu is a puppie of 2 months

Tatu y Niki 
Tatu and Niki are 2 jack russell puppies.

Robbin's Rescued Russells, California USA 
The first picture is from the 2013 Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge held at the Rio Motel in Las Vegas, NV. To watch a video of the event please …

His little face tells his sweet story.

darcey 18 months 
Pictured whilst sitting like a human leaning on my legs such a poser

darcey 18 months 
Pictured while sitting like a human leaning back on my legs... Such a poser:)

My Best Friend 
My beautiful Jack Russell Rocky

Our dogs but not Eliot  
This is a picture if our dogs but not Eliot he won't get out of under the bed pic of Henry thie white one with only brown on the ear and Harley the skinny …

I and my son was walking into the flea market and a lady was holding this sweet but shy puppy she wanted 75 for her. I held the puppy and noticed she was …

Love at 8 weeks

Best dog EVER! Love him!

my baby, Darcey 
Having a cuddle with chico the cat

Roxy from San Diego, Ca 
Roxy- after reading about toy JRT, I have come to realize she is one of a kind for sure, her personally is huge for a 10 pound dog, she is so sweet but …

Belle 5months old 
Belle is a beautiful temperment jackapoo. She has bought so much happiness to our family since loosing our jack russell bubbles last aug. She is hyperalogenic …

Belle 5months 
Belle is a beautiful temperment jackapoo. She has bought so much happiness to our family since loosing our jack russell bubbles last aug. She is hyperalogenic …

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My Foxy Roxy 
My Roxy, she has the biggest smile when ever she hits the road, I rescued her 5 years ago when she was only one.. the minute she jumped on my husbands …

Puppy progress 
Our Berry.. She got away with murder pulling those cute faces.. and she knows it :)

My Jack Russell Terrier is truly a beautiful companion. I have to admit she Was an impulse buy - I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. …

Freckles for President  
This is our baby dog Freckles Castillo just hanging out.

On Top of the Valley 
Copper, then 5 years old. Picture was taken in Middleville, NY on Route 28.

Pictures of my baby 
These are just 4 of best pics we've taken in the last year.

fireworks and ziggy wanting to play 
It's coming into 2013 and 9pm and can see fireworks from my house so ziggy went out for a play and toilet before bed time,for me and him...too tired to …

I rescued her from a shelter. She was deemed unadoptable because she was so timid.I knew she was just terrified, so I demanded they let me hold her. They …

Hal & his best buddy Rollo 
Hi, we purchased your e-book about training Jack Russell Terriers.. Excellent book! I've had dogs in the past but my husband, Hal, never had a dog, so …

Did we adopt a JackRat? 
See the picture of the brown and white freckled newest member of our family....Diesel. Can anyone tell me if he is a JackRat? He is next to our 4lb …

This is trudy my 18 month old jack russell, i have had her from a puppy, she just simple means the world to me

This is trudy my 18 month old jack russell, i have had her from a puppy, she just simple means the world to me

Zombie the overly photogenic jack rat 
This two year old seems to pose whenever there's a camera around

Benji was 1 of 5 band of brothers born to Tiffany, A black Schnauzer who is a companion dog for my daughter . Tiffany and Fritz were inseperable and we …

Gyp, my Jack Russell Terrorist 
At 11 weeks old, Gyp's favorite toy was a Red mini Kong stuffed with a pizzle stick. He carried it everywhere, even to bed. …

This is my boy Joan. He just had his 2nd birthday. This is my best friend.

My Sweet Little Girl Daisy 
Daisy is almost 11 months old now. These photos were taken on her 10 month "birthday" on October 12, 2012. She is a female, and was the smallest in …

Welcoming Home 
I had just gotten home from a long day at work and Zola was so excited to see me! After she gave me the normal welcome of kisses, she got up on my bed …

Mike and Jula 
Hi My name is Mike i'm a 3 year old JRT and live in the Netherlands together with my 1 year old girlfriend Jula and my Bosses. Just thought lets post …

Funia is a model ;) 
Since we got her, she always gets in front of the camera, I love that because I got on as a gift last year and whenever I need some pictures taken I grab …

my little terrior 
my jackson being himself or i should say a little love bug i love when he cuddles with me and i see nothing but love in his eyes

I rescued my puppy when she was barely 8 Weeks old. Now she's 7 months old and happy with her mommy :)

miss gypsy 
Miss gypsy is so sweet,she just wants to do anything and everything.she loves to cuddle in her blankets and of course run jump really high, and chase birds. …

Chester loves his bones.

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this is just my dog being my dog.

I just rescued this little guy from a super high kill shelter in South LA. He has a lot of JRT and maybe some Rat (thoughts?). He is adorable and bright …

Willow Tane the Terrier 
Very rarely able to get a shot of Willow sitting still. This was one of those moments and her captivating eyes grabbed me.

Petey and Daddy Lounging 
Petey was just shy of 3 years old in this photo. Petey loved our pool more than anyone else in our family. Petey spent most of his days swimming laps …

Luna is a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier very smart. She is the star of the Blog Puro Terrier . I invite you to visit …

julie the snob 
the day mailo came to live with us

Sweet Puppy  
My boyfriend adopted this sweet pup from the pound in Nashville. He is so energetic and really smart. Great companion dog.

They call me,"Mister Diggs" 
The first picture taken as he became my room mate,meet him at breeders along with four other JRT, but he was the one I bonded with. The Lady breeder asked …

Please help Pickles 
Please help Pickles with her medical bills from pneumonia. She is slowly getting better and has been discharged from the hospital but her owner is unemployed …

PINCE...... love him soooooo much! 
My son got Pince from the shelter 3 years ago he was about 8 months old. they told him he was abused. He is such a good loving fun jRT, I wouldn't know …

Princess Abbie  
Abbie is my little model lol she was laying on her pink pillow looking all princess like so I put a tiara on her which she surprisingly left on long enough …

Ren the jack russel mix 
I had seen an add for some jrt mixes online and absolutley fell in love with them even though I didnt get to pick which one I got I believe I made the …

Sweet boy 
This is my boy Pepper. Took this picture of him about two years ago when we were getting ready to move. I adopted him when he was a year old from the pound, …

This is my seat :-) 
Our beautiful Jrt Leo :-) He's been sitting up like this since he was a pup :-)

SweetB Jill 
This was from the very first morning after we got Jill. She was 8 weeks old and had been up a LOT the first night. As I sat in my chair at 6A.M. and …

jack Russell or cross?? 
I got my dog Scampy at Christmas last year at 7months I was told she was a full jrt but on the smaller than average scale but looking at her she looks …

Russie waiting to go for a ride  
Our dog is all about going for a ride. He even knows how to put down the power windows. :)

Kahuna at rest - a rare occasion 
This shot took 20 minutes of chasing the little lady around the house with the camera. She thought it was a game, probably tag, complete with squeky toys. …

baby jack with the cutest ears ever...

bella blott 
this is my stunning baby bella blott at 8 weeks awwwww..

Rocky <3 
I have a purebreed JackRussel terrier and he's an amazing dog, he's five years old and I love him more than anything. Unfortunately, my parents are giving …

There is no story. I love my dog and have hundreds of photos of him. I could not live without my beautiful boy.

My beautiful Jack Russell cross breeds 
This is a picture is of my baby boy Jock. His a Jack Russell cross lm not really sure what but his got the colourings of a Jack Russell and the temperment …

Roxy the rocker  
we were sitting on my sunporch watching a thunderstorm and she just happened to look across at me and i snapped the picture she is about 18 months old …

Just an absolutely wonderful dog...he's 11 yrs old now and very affectionate...starting to slow down a little. He's Jack Russell/Australian Cattle Dog. …

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Jack Enjoying the Sun 
During our hike across America, my husband found this little, sweet boy in a drainpipe underneath the freeway near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Pyar was able …

This photo was for my Spanish presentation. She is my best friend and she hates having her photo taken.

Dixie is always doing things to amaze me. She is a jumper, like no dog that I have ever had. Here is a pic. of her on the outside …

Here is a photo of my sweet little Jack Russell. She is such a JOY, so playful, energetic. She is 6 months old now. I got her when she was 6 weeks …

Please help Margo. Bitten by rattlesnake on Sunday  
Poor Margo.. Here she is with her shaved face.. But she is alive! For those that don't know, Margo was bitten by a Rattler yesterday! Margo is in foster …

I Love Orlando Florida 
Its great when Mom gets to work in florida and I get to go to Happy Paws to play with my friends........and I sleep good on the way home

Romeo the jack russell needs a home 
Romeo is a 5 yo 25 pound jack russell who is available thru He is a smart rough-coat that will enjoy being with someone who is active …

Comfy anywhere  
We went on vacation which meant Rusty had to stay with our daughter. A bit sad about our leaving, he sought the comfort and warmth of our daughter's lap …

I`ve just moved to Struisbaai in the Western-Cape(South Africa). I have 5 Jack Russels and this was their first day on the beach....., no fear of the waves, …

Darby Swimming In The Lake 
Darby loves to go swimming in the lake near our home. Especially since we got her a life jacket. She loves to go out after sticks and she found her own …

Cruising with Tizzi 
Tizzi is our 12 week old Jack Russell! She loves to go cruising!

Digger watching Pups 101 
Digger heard the sound of puppies on TV and immediately his ears perked up and he got this quizzical look on his face. Generally speaking, we dont let …

Super Willie 
I started bringing Willie to work to socialize him. Everyone fell in love with him, especially the owner who bought him this costume. Willie loves wearing …

Patch the Pup... 
Patch is 8 months old and goes to work with my partner everyday - here's a picture of his usual bed in the tool box of the workshop.

The lost dog 
One Saturday afternoon sara and her dog was playing outside together. A couple minutes after she went inside to get a glass of water, and the backyard …

The lost dog 
One Saturday afternoon sara and her dog was playing outside together. A couple minutes after she went inside to get a glass of water, and the backyard …

Meet Max, he is a 1 year old J.R.T. He is obsessed with food and loves walks. He is extremely smart, he showed us this when he was 5 months old and found …

lucy (jack-a-bee) 
lucy playing hide and seek in the yard. and after posing on the bench.

lucy (jack-a-bee) 
lucy playing hide and seek in the yard. and after posing on the bench.

"You talkin' to me?" 
Here's our 10 month old baby. Digger loves to listen to us sing and talk. Here he is asking the big question. Imagine the joy of having such a lively and …

Bathing Patch 
I just have a quick question I rescued Patch about 5 months ago and I have never bathed him anyone have any ideas?I have a walk in shower I just do not …

2 Loving Brothers 
I just wanted to share some pics of my 2 boys Elvis and Patch.They are my world Elvis is 4 and Patch I just rescued about 5 months ago.I just wanted to …

Bubbles !!!!!!!! 
Vinny loves to chase and pop bubbles, a great way to exercise you JR outdoors.

Meet Rusty! 
Rusty Jack is my 2-year old JRT! He loves long walks, long runs and bacon doggie treats.

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My Jack Patchy 
I just wanted to share a real cute pic of my boy Patch heis only 15 months old and I just rescued him in Nov I have 2 boy Jacks and let me tell you 2 are …

New to me - 8 month old 'Tyler' 
I adopted a young JRT through an on-line ad. Really, did not realize what I was getting myself in to, but ... Tyler has so many good qualities, I hope …

Lulu loves to pose for pictures!!

My kids named her Jessie. She is the most adorable puppy. Very clever. She is 10 weeks old. Sleeps a lot, but surely makes up for it when she's awake. …

Elvis and Patch waiting for the Easter Bunny 
This is my 2 boy Jacks Elvis and Patch waiting patiently for the Easter bunny to come to bring them there Easter Baskets and they are all dressed up waiting …

My Patchy and my Elvis my Jack Boys 
I just wanted to share some pics of my 2 wonderful Jacks boys Elvis is 4 years old and Patch is just 15 months old and Patch I just rescued about 5 months …

Mia and Izzy - more pics to go with previous story! 
As pups and as they've grown...

Izzy.... delightful tiny JRT x Chihuahua and Mia also tiny JRT 
This is take two ! Finally hopefully, managed to resize pictures to upload with the text! You'll find snippets of our story in other places! We have Izzy …

Our two tiny dogs as tiny pups! 
The joys of having two tiny pups photos to go with the story = can't find a way to add to my page?

Rod Taang instructing new brother on rules of the house! 
Our 10 month old JRT, Rod Taang, got a new brother two weeks ago (Scooter, 8 week old daschund)and he was seen here getting a few pointers from big brother …

Scooter gets some instructions from Big Brother Rod Taang! 
This is Scooter's (8 weeks) first day home and his big brother JRT Rod Taang (10 months) is giving him some helpful tips on do's and don'ts for living …

Scooter gets some instructions from Big Brother Rod Taang! 
This is Scooter's (8 weeks) first day home and his big brother JRT Rod Taang (10 months) is giving him some helpful tips on do's and don'ts for living …

How could this cutie bite??? 
Such an innocent face but how do you stop them biting you?????

The joys of having two tiny dogs with big personalities! 
We have two fantastic small dogs loved to bits - Izzy is a 50/50 chihuahua x JRT who stands 9cm to withers and weighs 2.7 kg. Full of energy but equally …

Skipper Roo 
the first two photos are of my dog Skip at the local dog park, he loves to just run and play, the 3rd is of him fishing, he took his natural instincts …

Ty Gillard, 2 year old Jack Russell 
I adopted Ty when he was 10 months old from an abusive home. We instantly connected and he felt he could trust me. He has now became a handsome young man …

Vincent "Vinny" 
Vinny joined my home in December of 2011. He was born on Oct. 21, 2011 and we are learning about JR's together :) I lost my Scottish Terrier in Dec. …

Vickie loves the dog park 
Vickie is a six year old. I rescued her a year ago and have discovered in that year the perfect dog for me. She doesn't understand why we just don't …

Let me sleep here mum!! 
Missy my jack Russell girl looking at me wanting to sleep on my bed with me!! She's 7 months old doesn't that little face make your heart melt?

Loka Jack Russell Parson 
This is my best friend Loka. She is 1year old.Hope you´ll like her :)

Abigail Ann Wisecup born May 1, 2011 
Abby and our Anitolian Sheperd get along very well! Abby mimicks everything Jordyn does. She is so wonderful!

Sylvia Ford 
We had a Toy Poodle who died Feb. 1st. We both mourned for him for a long time. I said to my husband one night that I wanted another dog and he said so …

A Soulful Second 
With my husband in Australia for 6 months, I took the opportunity to deal with the upheaval of having a puppy while he was away. As he took the camera …

Recipe for Jacks and all other doggies 
This pic is after my Jacks get done with there food LOL Im sharing this easy and Healthy and best of all you make it all in the CrockPot Please share …

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Rusty My JRT 
All you have to do is make an unfamiliar sound and he'll do this!

9 year old Jack Russells dropped off at shelter on Valentine's Day 
I was notified that these two cute 9 yo jack russels were dumped at the Riverside shelter in California. If you know anyone who can foster or adopt please …

warm in the snow 
my jrt puppy Obi posing for a snap in the snow on a walk up Werneth Low in Hyde

This is Madison, a 5 year old Jack Russell I adopted 6 months ago, She came from a rough background and was attached & bitten by a very large dog while …

This is Madison, a 5 year old Jack Russell I adopted 6 months ago, She came from a rough background and was attached & bitten by a very large dog while …

Fred Astaire needs a little help 
Fred Astaire is an older jrt rescued the day before he was going to be put to sleep. He was sick and is recovering. Fred Astaire needs help with his medical …

Patch and Elvis desroying toys 
What toys are good for Jacks everything I buy for them they tear apart and destroy them everything as you will see in this picture of my 2 Boys!

This is Zeke.... 
This dog was bought as a gift for my son from a one time breeder July will be 7 years ago....he has a little under bite...we dont care he has been the …

My 4month old Roxy is always trying to squeeze herself into the tightest areas. She doesnt let anything get in her way. Here is a pic of her whe she …

Patchy taking an afternoon nap 
Here is my little guy Patch taking an afternoon Siesta

Timmy's first trip to the beach 
Meet timmy, he was 4months old when we took him to the beach for the first time, he didn't want to step on the sand at first, like ten minutes later he …

My Jack Elvis in his new Coat 
I just wanted to share this pic of Elvis my 4 year old Jack in his new Duds...

My Jack Elvis is constantly licking me? 
have a 4 year old Jack his name is Elvis and he licks me constantly my legs arms feet face and Im the only one he does it too.Can anyone tell me why he …

Ty Loves Car Rides!  
On the way to the dog park on a hot July day. he's always smiling in the car!

Riley is an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier. He is very smart and a "momma's boy" He loves to hunt, fishing in a boat and going for rides on the ATV. …

biggie smalls 
i had a dog named biggie (boy) and one named mia they had puppies together once all the puppies were given away biggie died because of A CAR we had to …

Elvis and Patch 
These 2 are my boys they are the light of my life!

2 Loving Jack Brothers 
I have 2 Jack Russells and one of them I just rescued about 2 months ago and his name is Patch and he is just 1 year old and my other Jack is 4 years and …

Elvis my Little Man 
Elvis is a Jack Russell and a very smart little man his little legs can go super fast

This Is Bella, She Is 13 Weeks Old...I Took This Picture And Then Added Some Stikers On The Picture Online. :) Bella Is Pretty Smart, She Knows (Sit) & …

Patch my Jack playing hide and seek! 
This is one of my Jacks his name is Patch and we rescued him about 3 months ago now..He just turned 1 year old on the 15th of Jan he is so much fun and …

KISSES AND RIO's owner died unexpectedly and they need a home!  
The two semi-senior dogs "RIO" (the Cairn Terrier/Schipperke mix) and "KISSES" (the deaf, but high-functioning Parsons Jack Russell Terrier)are in need …

My Mr. and Mrs. Russel 
Two best friends i raised.

Puppy Love 
Here is a pic of brother (Tiger) and sister (Rose), only 2 in the litter, they have both gone onto lovely homes now.

This is Patch my other Jack Russell and he is just one year old and such a playful guy.We rescued him about 2 months ago and Im so happy that we did.Now …

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My dog, Reise 
I wanted a jack russell for years. I could not get one however, because I had an 18 yo cat. I thought I would foster and called Second Chance Dog Rescue …

Alpha shows off her toenails 
Alpha is my friend's dog. I love her to death! Check out her nails! I had them done for her 14th birthday.

Brenna,my new foster dog arrived today!  
Brenna is a 5 year old smooth coat shortie jrt who arrived today! Her legs look a little longer than a shortie. She is available for adoption thru …

Elvis in his Christmas PJ,s 
This is my 4 year old Jack Russell named Elvis...He is a typical Jack running playing wants us to throw the ball all the time and he also carries a ball …

Here is a pic of two of my JR's, Esky and Lilly having fun on the couch!

rocky is a hiper ,energyless ,crazy dog!!!

My dog hannah. I love her so much. Comment what u think about her and il reply!

I WILL be good! 
Harley Davidson, my constant companion for over a year now, LOVES to rip up paper. Unfortunately, this is a picture of the destruction of one of my school …

14 yo Alpha with her sister's granddog, Rev, and fosterdog brother, Reuben 
Reuben is the newest addition to Alpha and Rev's household. Alpha is the perky little 14 yo standing and Reuben is in the forefront napping with Rev. Rueben …

Black heart on Jack Russell. Must see!  
Shereee lost her beloved dog last year and was devastated and had a broken heart. She has gotten into rescuing Jack Russells thru Russell Rescue and one …

14 year old Alpha frequents nursing home 
My friend George takes his dog. Alpha, to a nursing home on Saturdays. I posted some other pics of cute little Alpha and of my foster dog, Cupcake.

My silly dog hannah sleeping in her bed. SHES SO CUTE!!! She actually has a half face oerfectly. WE LOVE YOU HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosco- 5 months 
Rosco is Jack Russell Terrier/Pug Mix. He is about 5 months old. He has the looks of a Pug but the personality of a Jack Russell. He is very hyper but …

Parks & Recreation 
Ollie is nearly 5-months-old. He's full of love, personality, and enjoys being outside. This picture was taken during a game of fetch!

zander and toast 
This 5 year old zander and his best friend toast.

Mary Anne at Jack Russell Party 
Each year my friend, George, has a jack russell birthday bash for his dog, Alpha and several dog friends who also have birthdays in October. Check out …

Mary Anne at Jack Russell Party 
Each year my friend, George, has a jack russell birthday bash for his dog, Alpha and several dog friends who also have birthdays in October. Check out …

this is toast 
This is toast,my five year olds pup.toast is 7weeks old.

Who are you ? Get out of my house! 
Here is my JR "Esky" seeing the wall hanging for the first time, he was sure that these were two big home invaders.

Our Son Bailey 
Bailey is waiting patently for mom or dad to tuck him in.

My first foster dog from russell rescue has a meet and greet. Tell me what you think 
Tuck met his potential new mommy. Amanda falls madly in love and took him home. That was almost nine months ago. Stay tuned.for tuck's christmas pic.

my bitch jrt never misses a trick

malkie and best friend 
My 3 month old jackrussel away to go to sleep cosying in with his favourite teddy though teddys nose somehow got chewed off and had to be stitched on. …

Daisy from russell Rescue gets adopted 
Daisy lived in a back yard and did not get much attention. She ended up with Russell Rescue and became my second foster dog. She was a velcro dog, totally …

Daisy from russell Rescue gets adopted 
Daisy lived in a back yard and did not get much attention. She ended up with Russell Rescue and became my second foster dog. She was a velcro dog, totally …

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Cookie the shortie JRT gets adopted!  
Russell Rescue stepped in to help this little guy when his owner passed away. He got adopted by a couple in their 80's and is spoiled rotten.

Alpha's 14th birthday 
Alpha is my friend's jack russell that I get to baby from time to time. Here she is all trimmed and bathed with her nails painted for ther 14th birthday …

Cupcake, my foster dog from Russell Rescue 
Cupcake was one of my delightful foster dogs from Russell Rescue. She's not only cute as a button but smart as a whip.

Harley My JRT/ACD Mix 
I got him as a 7 week old puppy...2lbs. and now's he 10 yrs + and 33lbs. The best dog in the world. He's had some health issues this year, but he's holding …

Dickens the wire-haired Jack 
Just my boy being cute. He's pretty much just saying: "what are you eating, there?"

Terrier Trio 
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. I have no idea how this happened but my wife managed to snap this shot on vacation.

Hide and seek terrier 
Little Gus enjoying his first Fall!

My new Irish Jack Russell Milo 
So we just got Milo today because Arthas was in need of a live in friend Milo is the perfect size for our house hold and is very cute. He is an up all …

Silly Simon! 
Simon was 9 weeks old when we brought him home. Here he is taking possession of my Shelties bed. He had a ball he was chewing on, and it got away from …

Conga Line????? 
Here is a pic of my three girls, having a good time!

Conga Line????? 
Here is a pic of my three girls, having a good time!

Chesters Santa hat 
This is Chester a 10 mth old jack Russell ready for the christmas party.

Does Skrillex have any Jack Russell in him? 
We rescued this dog and have been trying to figure out what breed he is. We thought maybe he had some Jack Russell in him but are unsure. He is about …

Pismo the early Christmas puppy 
We'd planned on adopting--for our kids and our sometimes lonely Cocker Spaniel--a new puppy for Christmas. But weeks before Christmas, on a holiday weekend …

My best friend, Molly May 
Molly was out in the flower bed smelling for ground moles...

Reggio and Mike 
This was taken one week after picking up my jack russell mix breed from the northshore animal league. I think Reggio dislikes xbox as much as Mom does. …

This is Sugar, our 5month old JRT!! 
These are a few pictures of our 5 month old JRT, her name is Sugar. Where do I begin.... Sugar aka Shugie is such a lovebug. She loves to make us happy, …

I love my Luka 
luka is a wonderful Jack of mine. He was rescued from my ex roommate. She didn't want him after he got close to me. She even threw him once and other time …

little bubu jackson 
jacksons first photo after we adopted him

jake and his Christmas pillow 
This is my 17 year old JRT and his Christmas pillow that he adores. I adopted Jake 16 years ago from a JRT rescue in Tempe Arizona. My bond with Jake …

Zorro is the friendliest cutest, obedient dog ever.He is 2 years of age, and the ball was a after meal snack for him that he devoured in an half an hour. …

alfie relaxing! 
i have a cute jrt puppy and two young girls,who never tire of amusing him.the pic is of him relaxing after such a day

Pepper the Herb Gardener 
This photo was tkaen of our Rough Haired Jack Russell pup Pepper moments after finishing off the Basil.

Bella and Edward 
We are first time owners of Jack Chis and after reading the article on here, were a little worried because we were told that they're good with kids and …

Arthas my life, love, and child 
My Jug (pug/jack russell) Mix is 7months old and a ham and a half he loves the camera and once he sees that I have it out he starts posing lol

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Alfie my Jack russell puppy x 
In this photo of Alfie when he was 9 weeks old.I took this photo because he cept on looking at me,he look so cute. So i grabbed my phone and took a picture.Im …

Alfie my Jack russell puppy x 
This is my puppy alfie which is 9 weeks on this photo. I took this picture because he cept on looking at me and he looked so cute so i got my phone and …

Did you call me? 
We only got our lovely JR Jess from a rescue centre, 2 weeks before this photo was taken. We had taken her away in our caravan, for her 1st caravan holiday. …

Dalton & baby sister Bella 
I had Dalton my one yr old and his true baby sister Bella in my living room. The first picture is of them being calm and precious with Bella laying on …

Miss Prissy!

Delilah Jane 
Well, not much of a story behind it...she does it all the time. she loves to cuddle with Mommy on the couch. She thinks she is a baby!. Has her own blanket …

Chewing a bone 
This is Eva, beautiful wire hair Jack Russell eating a bone. Shes a real character, very vocal and always greets us with a loud woof woof lol.. I will …

Gizmo and Benjy 
This is a photo of my dog and my friends dog falling to sleep next to each other.

Escape artist gets caught 
My jack makes Houdini look like an ametuar. My wife wanted me get him a prison outfit and we took this picture

How can you be made at me mom? Look at this face!  
My three year old is such a fun loving lil man! I rescued him two years ago from a woman in Allentown, PA. All the advice from this column that has been …

I am practicing my look for Halloween 
No one believed my mom that my teeth were so big. She snapped this picture one night while I was sleeping.

hello humans my name is Jaxin Wishbone 
I bought little Jaxin the Hoodie to keep him warm. The little homie loves his hoodie, but it' s a bit too long ,So we wash it often. We love our little …

Eva in the garden 
Our 5 year long hair Jack Russell 'Eva' playing in the garden

Eva in the garden 
Our 5 year long hair Jack Russell 'Eva' playing in the garden

Dinner time - Flash Gordon. 
This picture is about my 3 month old JRT, whose name is Flash Gordon. He was waiting for his dinner patiently as he knows he just get it if he sits in …

Rosie and Finn 
Here are Rosie and Finn having a snooze in the pantry

Punkin', day one. 
This is my 8 week old Jack Russell/Chihuahua, "Punkin'", the day I brought her home. That was six weeks ago. This past thursday, I brought her home …

Reggie & Louie - partners in crime 
Our two Jacks - Reggie (brown & white smooth coat) and his little brother, Louie (black and white rough coat) love to dig holes in the back yard. It's …

Super Roux! 
Roux is a 3 month old Jack and she sure does love the life she's been given! This little mama has a HUGE personality packed into a tiny puppy. She not …

Here I am on my first day home!  
This picture was taken on the first day Rod-Taang (Thai for "The Tank") came home to live with us in Bangkok. He was 8 weeks old at the time. He is now …

Billie (Holiday) in the 'Please Pick Me' pose 
Short sweet story - we did pick Billie from the litter, and it's one of the best decisions we've ever made!!

Good Golly Miss Molly 
This is our little Molly. She was an unwanted litter due to her eye color. We adopted her in July! She is the sweetest little dog ever!

Sweet Kisses 
Kisses was seen roaming the neighborhood for about a week before my son's friend was able to catch her. She was practically skin and bones and very timid. …

Weather was cold for BOOBOO the jack russell terrier 
all weathers is cold for her, she is great an beautiful and most playful dog I've ever seen.

pit tip jack russell terrier 
thought i'd get a few pictures while i was out walking bailey........anyway 2hours later following a dog round that never stops i managed a few.

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Shorty favorite chair 
This a a picture of Shorty when he was a puppy. His favorite place to sit or lay down was on top of our very large black lab Java. Not only did he sit …

My name is LULU and I am almost 3 months old. Nothing else I love more than torturing my owner by chewing chew on everything. My big fav are electric wires …

Bonny is the new addition to our family after our staffie died suddenly. She is a bundle of energy and a constant source of entertainment. We got her in …

Buddy the Giggling Jack Russell Terror...  
This is Buddy our little Terror. He is very very sweet but can have a little Demon side from time to time. I guess we ll really find out when he hits …

jack russell terrier: The Sailor! 
Our rescue JRT loves to go sailing with us. He wears his lifevest and stands on the front of the boat with pride! He is such a wonderful dog!

The Jack (Russell Terrier) of all Trades... 
1. Harper is a puppy in picture # 1, and was wearing a daredevil outfit that was so fitting towards her personality. 2. Harper is a character, and is …

Mollie, Jack Russell Terrier, Always Happy to go for a ride 
These are pics of our Mollie since we brought her home on July 27, 2010. She is SUCH a JOY to have around. She is SO Full of love she loves to lick you …

Tino Popov the jack russell terrrier 
This is Voxx,4 monts old.

My gorgeous little boy 
This is my gorgeous little boy Mikey, this picture is a pencil drawing of him by an artist who saw him and wanted to draw him. He is a lovely little dog …

JAZZ the alcoholic 
My 2 year old Jack, seems to like the taste of beer!!! However, she really pays for loosing control.

Best Friends 
A friend bred his JRT and asked me if I wanted a puppy when they arrived. I kiddingly told him that I might if he had a female that matched my white boxer …

Reggie is 14 weeks old and a very busy girl. She was constantly underfoot while we were canning spaghetti sauce, so we made a bed near the kitchen table …

Did you really call me sugar bugar?? 
This is Emma! She looks real cute but sometimes changes from a sugar to a bugar! When i called her that she looked up to me like "did you really call me …

Best Friends 
My son will be 2 in December, he loves dogs so we wanted to get him one that could keep up with his busy body.....a jack was the best thing ever. He loves …

This is the picture of my precious darling Seven. She was number 7 and so adorable i decided to name her Seven because the number seven is a very significant …

My boy ZIGGY - Actually on his best behaviour!! 
My hubby couldn't resist taking these photos today and it couldn't have worked out better! He had decided to take an interest in his camera (again!!) and …

My gorgeous little boy 
My little Jackapoo is called Mikey. He is now 16 months old and is the sweetest little boy ever. His mum is a pure Jack Russell and his dad is a pedigree …

My gorgeous little boy 
My little Jackapoo is called Mikey. He is now 16 months old and is the sweetest little boy ever. His mum is a pure Jack Russell and his dad is a pedigree …

Roxy likes Christmas 
Roxy enjoys being the centre of attention especially at Christmas.

Roxy likes Facebook 
Roxy's family felt she is such a clever dog that she should have her own Facebook page and so she does and receives her Birthday Wishes every year. She …

Roxy likes Skiing! 
Here is 15 year old Roxy out for a snow ramble by Galway Bay...

Roxy likes hiking! 
Roxy who is a 15 year old JR still likes a good old hike in the mountains in Connemara!

Zoey & Hercules 
Zoey was pregnant at the time i took the photo, just 2 days before giving birth to 7 healthy babies.

Leather clad Ziggy ('The Zig') Cool Dewd! 
This is Ziggy, who wanted to show our Roxy he can look just as good in a coat too. Zig wanted to show off his good looks with his leather studded jacket, …

Sea Faring Captain JR 
Lola is 2 yrs old and has been out on the water only a few times. This is a recent photo of her taking her position in the bow of the kayak, wanting to …

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Shorty Rides Again 
Shorty is two years old and loves to do everything! He loves to go visit the horses on our UTV and rides along balancing on his back legs as we zoom along. …

My gorgeous little boy 
Mikey was seen by an an art student who wanted to do a pencil drawing of him. This is the result.

our bundle of magic- jack russell terrier 
this was taken whilst dog sitting a friends dog. gizmo was very good with the 3 month old pup so he deserves to be shown off in his magical hat.

Roscoe the Jack Russell Terrier 
Roscoe is a 9 month old JRT who loves to view things from his thrown. He's "King of Camelot", when it comes to his back yard. Outdoors is the place to …

Cracker Jax, Jack Russell Terrier, Sleepy Time 
This is a picture of our 4mo Cracker Jax. He would stay up late at night with me while I would read in my office. In this picture, he has just been able …

Pleeeeease, can I have just one more treat....? 
We are teaching Zac, our 5 month old Jack Russell Terrier, to sit for treats and this photo was just begging to be taken as he sat there so patiently for …

IT's easy Mom and Dad!  
This is our dog Sprocket. His fav activity is Mountain Biking on the North Shore in Vancouver BC. My wife and I stopped to look at this stunt, …

My adorable little Jug (jack terrier/pug mix) Arthas. 
Meet my handome little Arthas he is a Jug, a jack russll/pug mix. Hanging on the bed relaxing after a LONG day of puppy play. He is 4 months old and he …

Captain Flash 
Turns out that among his many wonderful interests , swimming isn't one of them! We took Flash, our amazing year old JRT to the lake to swim alongside …

Milo De Pup jack russell rescue 
Milo was posing for a photo so we could place him for adoption on a website. He is a rescue pup and I told him to sit and pose for his new family. Milo …

Rescued Jack Russell Terrier 
This is a picture I took of Rosebud, in my pickup, on the way home from the Wichita County Humane Society Shelter, the day I adopted her.

My JACK Russell Terrier Napoleon <3 
This is my puppy and best friend Napoleon. In this picture we're in the car on the way to Walmart..because I take him everywhere. You would think that …

New Office Manager 
We have a part time girl in our office who claims she is the office manager and she has a sign on her desk indicating the same. When my husband, who actually …

Jolly Ollie the jack russell terrier 
Messing around taking pictures with my phone, then i just happen to catch Oliver looking at me with the goofiest look I've ever seen

Harley my Jack Russell/ACD mix 
More pictures of my wonderful dog.

Tux after a hard day of playing. 
This is my JRT puppy he is 6 months old and such a character. here he is after a hard day playing(he put himself up on the couch like this !)

I Just Can't Figure This One Out 
Well Dean (our Jack) likes to imitate us when we workout. But the seemingly obvious downward dog remained a mystery despite his near hypnotic fixation …

Dixie at the Lake 
My 2 year old Parson Russell Dixie, enjoying a day of swimming and critter hunting at the lake (and enjoying posing for photos!).

My boy Milo  
these are photos of our new addition - he is so lovaable and social and has brought so much joy to my my wife and I - i was diagonsed with MS a few years …

Harley my Jack Russell/ACD mix 
I got Harley when he was 7 weeks and 2 lbs. He was so adorable I couldn't leave him...he was the only one of 6 puppies left. He quickly got into my heart …

My boy Milo  
these are photos of our new addition - he is so lovaable and social and has brought so much joy to my my wife and I - i was diagonsed with MS a few years …

Dogs CAN Look Up 
I was trying to catch my little gentleman in a great pose so I could take a picture. He's a hard man to capture. One day I was taking random pictures of …

Alfie & Petal, My 2 Sweethearts! 
These are my 2 babies, Alfie and Petal. Alfie will be 2 next week and Petal is coming up to 5 months. After getting Alfie I realised how much work JRT's …

Oscar and his Monkey 
This is our 18 month old JRT. He is posing with his favorite toy.

Meet Scamp...our new Jack Chi puppy 
Scamp was rescued from the Moore County Humane Society in North Carolina. After loosing my Sev, a doberman mix, who adopted and found me 10 years ago, …

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My ball ! My ball ! Jack Russell Terrier 
Zoey ( 2 years old ) Loves her tennis ball ! When ever the front door opens she goes in search of her favourite tennis ball ! If her ball is underneath …

Greta the Greeter 
How could you not love coming home to this?

A Star Is Born! 
After attending a 2 year olds (human) birthday party, Jak was given a party treat bag and he just loved the sun glasses!

ROXY - Modelling her new Rain Mac 
Roxy is a proper little princess, she doesn't like the rain & hates getting her 'hair' wet. I bought this very inexpensive rain coat to try on her & she …

Gypsy Smiles... 
On a recent beach trip, Gypsy Bleu was delighted to spend time with her friend Teddy, a Golden Retriever. After a raucous round of "wrestling" we snapped …

Jack Russell Terrier mix? 
My 2.5 year old Jack Russell mix who we adopted from the shelter. he is Jack Russell terrier mix but mix whit what? here is some pictures of Jojo …

A day at the spa 
This is Diva, our new Jack Russel Terrier. She rolled around in another dog's urine while we were visiting my family. Since she was still relatively new …

Let's Play 
Here are "Lilly" and "Esky" having a great game on the couch.

Christmas Kiss 
Here is a pic of "Natty" my Jack Russell kissing "Sable" a Great Dane X Irish Wolfhound on Xmas morning. You can see the love.

No Not Now Kiddo 
The puppy (Lacey) had been playing hard much of the day and wanted Katie to go some more. Looks as if Katie has had her fill of Lacey.

Knock-knock: I want in...NOW!

Look at me......I'm so cute 
This photo is when Brady was a puppy, all of 2 lbs!

Mr. Willie G. 
Me and my Jack like ta watch Discovery Channels Animal Planet

she is a very cute puppy!! but she isnt like a normal hyper JRT. she is calm, and sometimes quite!! =) but we love her!!

Jack Russell Terrier mix? 
My 2.5 year old Jack Russell mix who we adopted from the shelter. he is Jack Russell terrier mix but mix whit what? Any help!!! Thanks

Quilotoa Crater Lake. 
Iam a Tour leader around Suth America, Champignon(mushroom in french/spanish)acompains me in me daly basin around the mountains and the jungle in the Ecuatorial …

Chance is JRT and Boxer you can guess is very hyper!

Tilly - nearly 3 
I got Tilly from a rescue centre just over 1 year ago. This is how she looked at me and I fell in love with her straight away. I am her 4th owner and it …

This is Winston, our 12 week old (10 weeks in this photo) JRT. My sister Emily snapped this shot of him after he had been playing with his favourite toy, …

Oscar and Monkey, Boating 
This is out 18 month old Oscar, he is holding his favorite toy, the squeaky monkey. He runs around the house for hours squeaking away (each end has a different …

Milo making friends 
Milo always gives out free hugs & kisses at the dog park before going into wrestling play mode and trying to bite tails and ears off the biggest dogs in …

Irresistible! Introducting Lucy!!!! 
Lucy is an SPCA special! We know she has quite a bit of long coat JRT - mixed with a whole bunch of sweetness! She's a little under 1 year old, and is …

ZIGGY - Still smiling after his op! 
This is a photo of my younger JRT, Ziggy at six months old. He had not long had his 'bits' removed but he still managed a smile for the camera! Or is it …

Our Playful and Helpful Pup Bella! 
Our JRT's name is Bella, she is super sweet and playful. In these pictures, she is actually helping my girls with their science project-they chose to …

ROXY - Sunbathing JRT 
I put this cushion on the lawn for myself to have 10 minutes in the Sun. When I returned with my coffee and mobile phone I couldn't resist taking this …

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This is a photo of my younger JRT 'Ziggy' who was just six months old here & not long out of the Veterinary Hospital after having his bits removed!! He …

Our Mollie Dollie 
We got our wonderful little baby JRT Mollie when she was 3 yrs. old at the Bonita Animal Shelter in San Diego,Ca. She was abandoned by her former owner. …

Sami Schultz- Austin, TX 
Hi, my name is Sami. I am a rough coat JRT. I love taking walks in the park. They even let me go off leash! I am such a happy little dog that I can't even …

Fenn CATCHES A SCENT from the southland 
Fenn is a bounding year and a half Irish Jack and has lived in South Carolina where he was born, St Augustine Florida and now for the hot summer! If you …

I thought our JRT Matilda was playing with my daughter, until I discovered that my daughter had taken some sausages out of the fridge and was feeding them …

My jack rat terrier was recently adopted from the Broward County Animal Adoption Agency on April 21, 2011 Her approximate age was 1 year old. She is …

This was a beautiful photo that I had sketched so that I could frame it and give it to her daddy for his birthday. He loved it!! I love the way she posed …

living by the beach is easy 
this is gizmo he is 5 months old, he is sat by the bag he goes in when a little tired. we always wanted a small dog because we have two cats and they have …

We adopted Oscar a few months after Levi, also from our local SPCA. He was 4 months old already but what a cutey!He was picked by Oscar, the travelling …

We adopted Levi at our local SPCA at 7 weeks old. She is a beautiful, enthusiatic and intelligent Jack Russell. She loves people and shakes her whole body …

Puppies Sleeping 
17 day old puppies taking a nap. Huckleberry is on his back with Luna on top of him. Chase is on his side. By the way, we have the mom and dad in our …

He doesn't want to come home

He doesn't want to come home

This is my baby girl Reba she is the light of my life

My Champ!!! 
This my Salvadorian JRT. We where in a obey contest that day. i"m so proud of him because he is a young and really smart Jack!!! He is a Salvadorina champion …

Loki - 8 months old Jack Russell Terrier 
Loki's name comes from old German mythology - Loki was the God of Mischief and our Loki has definately lived up to that name! Loki is obedient and has …

Aggie! (Adorable Jack Russell Terrier) 
I love her little face!

My Jack-auawa, Harley 
Harley is a very sweet and loving dog, he is fun to be around and loves attention.High energy and funny to watch. We love him so much...This picture is …

Our baby Bonjuk aka BonBon, has been with us since the 3rd of Feb 2011. He was 12 weeks old when he blessed our lives and was selected by his brother …

Snoopy- Jack Russell Terrier Puppy 
Snoopy is 10 weeks old and I bring him home few nights ago. he is so energetic and jumping around a lot and I am learning about how should I train him. …

Jack Evaluates Spring in WI 
Our JRT, named "Jack" of course, is 1 yr old now. As my wife describes him, "He's not bad, he's naughty". And, that's an understatement. Here he …

Beans Christmas morning 
Jeda, our jack russell terrier, loved her stalking and wouldnt go anywhere without her bone for hours!

Jack be quick  
My Jack Russell Terrier is very smart he likes to be photographed

Rosebud (Jack Russell Terrier) 
Rosebud rescue ride

Rosebud (Jack Russell Terrier) 
Rosebud rescue ride

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volo(aka wooly) has a new home 
Approximately one year ago, i adopted a senior jrt. He was very depressed and aloof. I walked him on a long lead two times a day, through the woods for …

This is our one year old JRT, Finnegan. Finn is the best dog we have ever had. We came upon him completely on accident. I was planning on getting a completely …

This is my little girl Sadie,she is now 9 months old and full of fun and mischief all rolled into one!!

My Baby Alfie <3 
My Alfie is a Miniature Jack Russell and he is currently 10 weeks old, he is spoiled rotten and he is my little prince. he loves treats and ive learned …

the best dogs 
the jackapoos are a great dog to have, i have had mine for nearly 3 yrs, she is a great dog has never went through the puppy stage never had to train her …

Napoleon <3 
This is my best friend Napoleon, I watched him grow from a little puppy who stumbled over to me on christmas morning over 5 years ago to a handsome little …

We just love hanging out, doing tricks and walking. Mazzy is 7 but still plays like a puppy and makes me laugh every day!

Scooting across Iowa with mom 
My little Ukiayah is such an awesome friend. At the last minute I decided to visit some friends who were camping in Back Bone State Park some 5 hours away... …

My Jack Russell named CHANCHO 
My wonderful dog is very active, but lovable. Keeps me running around and busy.

Meet Jack 
Jack has always been a fearful pup and now fearful dog. This was one of those times that he forgot all his worries.

ROXY ME CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!HA!HA! 

Puppy Buzz 
Our son took this cute picture the second day Buzz came to live with us. Our daughter in law rescued him from folks who did not want him. He is a keeper! …

These are my Jack Russell's on Halloween.

Wow! Snow! Follow me! 
Our two Jack Russells are very lucky with the amount of space they have to run in, and the other day they very much enjoyed tearing up the snow in the …

This is my 1 year old Jack Chi Mix. He is the greatest dog I have ever had and I actually am looking for another Jack Chi Mix Female to breed him with …

My little Christmas "Ham" 
This is Duncan - he had his pic taken with Santa a couple weeks ago to benefit the local shelter here, and the photographer said she had never seen a dog …

This is a picture of our lovely Jack Russell Terrier. Her name is Ruby. This photo was taken at Astbury Mere country park near Congleton in Cheshire, i …

Milo is 12 weeks old and is loving his new home.

Sparky Girl 
This is my 6-month old JRT Sparkle. She is mommy's little girl! She loves to sit on the kitchen chairs.

This is my little turbo jet, Remi. I am completely in love with this breed. They are great companions and one of the smartest out there!

First trip away from home 
Lou Lou visits the barn

My little Lola 
I have always loved dogs and had many as a child that I would take home after finding them in the streets. I have always wanted another and my boyfriend …

Mr. Bo  
This is my dog Mr Bojangles.

Sofie settling in 
I adopted, (bought just doesn't sound right), Sofie approximately 2 weeks ago. She's just 3 months old, and a bundle of life. This was a pic on day 1, …

This is my little guy Sonny. He is seven months old and has a sweet personality. He has soulful dark brown eyes which makes sure he knows where I'm at …

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shelley met a bee and the bee won! 
Shelley was adopted from the Broward animal control. She was with us just three days when she decided to investigate a bee and got stung. So here she is …

my jug Ringo, aged 11 weeks 
Ringo the Pug Jack Russell in the back garden

Christian Dior Napping 
Oh how I love to nap, when I have a fun day Wow.... I love playing with my toys, and kids in the park, but most of all...I love being me..!

Christian Dior' 
My Jack Russle, is only 7 months old, he loves children and he loveas to steal kisses, he also loves to take long walks and he enjoys playing with his …

this is maya at 7 weeks

Here is a picture of the most recent Jack Russell that came into my rescue program. He is registered with the JRTCA, and has a registered name but I just …

Bella the Jackapoo 
This is Bella, our 6 month old Jackapoo. She is a fun, silly, loving dog that is great with our children and other pets. She is always the life of the …

Boo Radley 
When I first got my new puppy my friends all sent toys to Her. This is one of her favorites.

princess wawa 
I adopted her from my girlfriend who saved her frm 7 stupid owners who rehomed her & threw her like a ball. I still remember the 1st time I saw her, she …

The story behind Maya is I have always wanted to get a Jack Russell puppy. My old horse trainer her name was Heather. She had the best Jack Russell in …

My Jack Russell loves cats 
Duque my Jack Russell loves to play with other different kind of animals cats, dogs and birds.

Little Vince 
This a picture of me and Vince hanging out. He's a lovable little guy! Pretty well behaved... hopefully he won't turn into a terror!!

Robbin's Rescued Russells 
Annie, Skyler, Indy, Cutter, and Tess chillin at the house. A typical picture of one of the couches in my living room. There is another couch with just …

Grieving the loss of my loving best friend 
I miss my dog so much. I miss her......I am trying to get over it. It is hard for me to forget a very special dog that has been in my life for more then …

Kiss is my youngest female, I just love her.

Skippy and his grama 
Skippy likes to play rough with his grandmother. He always tries to kiss her ears and wants her to get up and play ball with him!

Jessi Butt<33 
My 1 year old Jack Russell mix who I adopted from the shelter. I can't figure what she's mixed with though, her hair is all white and has a rough texture …

Buster, My Long-Awaited Jack Russell 
Ten years ago, I met my first Jack Russell, Riley, and fell in love. He belonged to a co-worker and I was lucky enough to dogsit Riley a few times when …

Robbin's Rescued Russells - Tess 
This picture is of my daughter Kaycie and "Tessa From Odessa" or TESS as she is affectionately called. She is a Jack Russell that was in a high kill rate …

Robbin's Rescued Russells 
This is Batteries Not Included aka ZEPHYR working a Rat at the end of a tunnel in the Go To Ground class at a Terrier Trial.

Robbin's Rescued Russells - Airbourne Skyler 
This is, "Airbourne Skyler" aka Skyler, a Jack Russell Terrier that I rescued from a high kill rate shelter. I compete with Sky in JRTCA sanctioned Terrier …

Jadee Our Jack Russell 
My boyfriend and I bought a Jack and we were told that she was 8 weeks when we talked to the lady online, then we got her and she was only 6 weeks but …

Robbin's Rescued Russells 
This is one of the Jack Russells I have rescued and now they have become a valued member of my family. His name is "In It To Win It" aka INDY. I compete …

My Little Milo 
I had placed an ad on Kijiji looking for a JRT as I had to have my little Susie (JRT) put down due to medical issues. The family that had Milo also …

My Niku 
We adopted Niku from the local shelter this past December and he totally lives up to the standard of Jack Russell Terrier! A great bundle of energy and …

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October competition 
Spot, adjusting to his new home and surroundings?so adorable and precious

The Little Girls 
My name is Don Little in July 2010 our adult JRT's had their first litter 6 puppies all girls 3 were promised to family in advance and we decided to keep …

My Jack Russell...."Jack" 
This is my Jack Russell, he is 5 months old, his name is Jack. He is adorable but very active and naughty sometimes. He loves wearing shirts(believe me), …


Sophie Maria the sweetest JRT cross ever 
I got Sophie at a wee 3 weeks old, she's a JRT cross Lab, the people who had her didn't want her an were planning on drowning her. I got wind of what was …

Hi! Meet Paddy the Great Dane and Tinker the Jack. What an experience she is! I have always owned and will continue to own the big Dane guys, …

Buddy Boy the Best Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Best smartest most loving calm JRT!!!

Coco the adorable jack russell terrier Not rated yet
Coco, a jack russell terrier, now age 5 1/2) was hand raised from birth since her mom refused to nurse 7 pups after she had a emergency C-Section early …

Sheba the She Devil Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
We just rescued Sheba last weekend at 9 weeks old. She’s the love of my life! I know she will be a handful but worth every minute of training.

Chalky the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Rescue only a few months old he’s 13 years I love him he’s not great at the minute

Joey Not rated yet
My name is Joey. I am laying here resting. I have been playing ball and I am tired. This is the park where I have so much fun. It's my favorite place

Joey Not rated yet
Hi I'm Joey. I am 9 years old and I was raised by my daddy to be very loving and caring for everyone all the time. My daddy left me before my first birthday. …

Meet Snoop Doggy, my 11 year old JRT Dachshund Mix Not rated yet
This is Snoopy, my 11 year old Jack Russell Dachshund Mix that loves traveling and is as crazy as they come.I rescued her from a family that badly mistreated …

Midgie Not rated yet
Midge came to me quite accidentally, she belonged to an older gentleman that was also a neighbor and she was just barely 2 years old when he passed away, …

Ozzy  Not rated yet
He's a great dog! Just one problem, he grew up and now he attacks every male dog xD I don't know how to learn him not to. Don't even know if he's a jrt …

Ozzy  Not rated yet
He's a great dog! Just one problem, he grew up and now he attacks every male dog xD I don't know how to learn him not to. Don't even know if he's a jrt …

Hunny Chrysler the jack Russell terrier Australian Shepherd mix Not rated yet
The happiest dog in the world just hanging out in her bed stretched out

Living life at a full gallop! Not rated yet
We took our Pack to the oregon Coast on Christmas Day 2016 for a lot of running and barking. Pure JRT joy!

Autumn Fun Not rated yet
Ruby, my 8 year short-legged, short haired Jack Russell Terrier and I live in Ontario on the outskirts of Toronto where there are lovely nature trails …

Tia the jack tzu Not rated yet
My little shadow, she is cute and knows it

Cutest ever? Not rated yet
These pictures are of Mr. Cody All of which were taken wihin past 2 weeks

Bella Not rated yet
She is a 5 1/2 year old Chihuahua and Jack Russell mix and she weighs 10 lbs

My Smelly Elly Not rated yet
I got Elly when she was 8 weeks old, she got glaucoma when she was 3 and had both her eyes removed. She is now 10 and has just been diagnosed with asthma …

Leanne Not rated yet
This is little Tara, she has the little man syndrome, forget Xena, this is Tara Warrior Princess.

Dusty, my Jack-chi Not rated yet
This is our adorable Jack Russell/Chiuhauha mix that I rescued at my local shelter. We named him Dusty because it just fit him and his color. We feel as …

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Jeni Not rated yet
Chilling with Dad.

Majestic Jeni Not rated yet
She was sitting across from me on the chair in the squirrel catching mode.

Ruby Not rated yet
My first Photo of her today, this is my second Jack Russell I've had in 10 yrs, I wanted a companion who likes walking like me and who is as active as …

Tinka Not rated yet
Tink came to us from the pound at 4 months old classified as miniature poodle. Now she is fully grown, I've been looking at images of long haired JR's …

Abi Boo Not rated yet
This is my wonderful jack russel "Abi" a mans best friend

Arthur, the lover pup.  Not rated yet
I found this photo on my iPad one day. Aparantly, my sweet daughter was playing with Arthur, and took his picture. He is such a good sport! Sometimes …

$noopDoggieDogg Not rated yet
Playing at the park on another soaking wet day in Juneau Alaska's rainforest.

Biruin, My New Friend From Brazil Not rated yet
This is Biruin, my nephew's best friend! They both live in Brazil and are best friends. I can't wait to meet Biruin, I know him only through photos.

Wish you were here Not rated yet
After 2 hours of play with Snowball (Silky Terrier) Daisy's play date. I took her down to make to cool off.

A little bonding time  Not rated yet
I usually don't want him to be on the couch but today I felt that maybe he can share a little quality time with me since he jumps on the couch anyway whenever …

my crazy rocky Not rated yet
always he is ready to play

Waiting Patiently Not rated yet
This is Jagger. He loves to ride in the car. We are waiting for my son to get off work. Jagger watches patiently for my son to exit work.

Jack russel + ??? Not rated yet
we have take this dog from a unreliable woman who sell us as a "morkie": (Maltese + Yorkshire), he was 3 months old...but now it seems to be all but not …

Jack russel + ??? Not rated yet
we have take this dog from a unreliable woman who sell us as a "morkie": (Maltese + Yorkshire), he was 3 months old...but now it seems to be all but not …

mini jack russell ? Not rated yet
hello, i have a jack russell puppy , 2 months old. and she is 500 grams (1 pound)... do you have an idea, is she a real jack russell or jack and chi …

Rex 💙 Not rated yet
My fiancé is currently interested in photography and is teaching himself by practising on lots of different subjects, so I just wanted to share these absolutely …

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