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Jack Russell terrier pooping in the house

by Sean Haynes
(South Africa)

Why does my Jack Russel (Bart 3 years not neuter )male poop in my kitchen where he sleeps with another 2 dogs

They have free accessibly all day to the garden and every night they are in my bedroom around 10pm they are taken out to do there ablutions and again at around 06H30am.He does not do this most nights,but we clean up and wash the floor and he chooses one spot to poop on.

my dogs are all fed twice a day ,pellets in the morning and pellets with mackerel in the evening or a combination of vegetables .Dinner is at 18h30 every evening.

Routine is established,all 3dogs in brilliant shape

Please advise

Thank You

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Dec 03, 2012
Pooping in the house
by: Maggie Mae's Momma

I have two Jack Russells: Maggie 5-1/2 and Belle 4-1/2. We've had both since puppies, so Maggie Mae was a year old when we got Belle. They've been great friends and love to play together. They both have lots of time outside in our fenced-in yard and get walked almost every single evening. They are crated during the day while we are at work, but they both sleep with us, so there's 4 of us in the king-sized bed at night! Seems perfect? Not. Maggie has recently begun to get down in the night and poop on the carpet in my living room. This morning, there were 2 piles. I've had it. Any ideas?

Aug 11, 2011
JRT pooping in the house
by: Anonymous

I would crate your jack russell at night.....there is a very good chance that if he is crated, he will not poop in his crate living quarters. That would be a simple solution to your problem.

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