Keeping a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Diary

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Keeping a Jack Russell Terrier Puppy diary is something that can ensure that memories are retained, but there are also some important practical reasons to keep one as well.

How to Keep a JRT Puppy Diary

Keeping a JRT puppy diary isn’t difficult at all, as it is also identical to the keeping of your own diary. The only difference is that obviously a Jack Russell Terrier puppy diary is about your puppy, and not about you! There is no need to fill it in every single day and to document what the dog ate and every time it went to the toilet, but it should be used to document all of the important moments and all of the details that you will want to remember for the rest of your life.

A Jack Russell Terrier puppy diary doesn’t have to only include text though. Many people like to stick in photos to further enhance the effect that this diary has and so that they can better remember time when their family pet was just a bounding puppy, even ten years later on!

The Serious Side

Although most people keep a JRT puppy diary so that they can remember all of the different memories, it is also a great way to document important information regarding the puppy. Perhaps the best example of this is using the JRT puppy diary to write down the different dates that the puppy had its vaccinations – therefore meaning that there will be no confusion and that any future vaccinations are administered on time.

A JRT puppy diary can also be used to monitor the health of your puppy, especially if you are concerned that there is something wrong – or if it has already been confirmed that there is a problem. A lot of the time a vet will ask you to keep a record of certain things about your dog – such as the size of a lump or the amount of times it goes to the toilet – so writing these details in a JRT puppy diary will ensure that these details are not lost – something that will be incredibly useful for any vet.

Planning for the Future

Nobody knows what will happen in their life in the future and this includes the circumstances that might surround you and your dog. Perhaps you will move to an apartment that doesn’t allow pets, or perhaps you or one of your family members will develop an allergy to dogs? This means that, as sad as it is to think about, there is a time when your dog might have to be given away or sold. Any future buyer will want to know the history of the dog, so keeping a JRT puppy diary will ensure that all information they need is inone area. This is also the same should your dog have puppies in the future, as buyers will want to know the history of the parents.

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